Democrats Come Clean About Biden

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

After the Department of Homeland Security released the latest numbers on illegal immigration into the US, Rep. Henry Cuellar finally acknowledged Democrats may be incapable of dealing with the border issue at hand.

The devastating numbers for September were released late into Friday, showing the biggest number of illegal aliens Border Patrol agents have encountered to date. This clocks in at over 227k attempts at illegal immigration during this month alone.

“US Mexico Border” by Shaan Hurley

Cuellar admits Biden isn’t capable of dealing with border issue

In fact, the 2022 fiscal year came to a close with the biggest number of immigrant encounters in DHS history.

The agents encountered and interrupted over 2.3 million illegals, of which 98 were known or suspected terrorists, with the latter amount being three times greater than that from the past five years altogether.

Cuellar went onto Fox News Sunday to rebuke Kamala Harris’ claims that the border was secure. This was only true by the new definition of “secure” given by the White House, just like they’d managed to avoid a recession in the same manner.

Cuellar stated the border is, in fact, anything but secure. With 4.5 million encounters with illegal aliens in just two years, making such an outlandish claim is ridiculous, especially considering neither Biden nor Harris is willing to do anything about it.

Unfortunately, the dynamic duo from the White House managed to avoid any and all repercussions for their actions or lack thereof.

They are also managing to devote all their time to pressing matters, such as gender-related policies and even border security halfway across the world.

Title 42 makes a comeback

Hilariously enough, now that the border is oversaturated with migrants, the Biden administration resorted to the same measures that Democrats ostracized Trump for, which isn’t uncommon for a gang of hypocrites.

Cuellar added almost 90% of the drugs in the US are imported through the southern border, prolonging the never-ending war on drugs until Biden decides to man up and do something about it.

In light of this, Cuellar announced a $165 million Border Patrol checkpoint will be built in Laredo, shooting down his rival Cassy Garcia’s claims he hasn’t done anything concrete when it comes to handling the border issue.

Cuellar is just one of the many Democrats currently criticizing Biden for his lack of action when it comes to the border. While the “sanctuary city” mayors are still on Biden’s side, it’s only a matter of time before they crack under pressure.

It’s already happened with Democratic mayors in border cities, who joined the immigrant relocations that Abbott and DeSantis started late into August; it’s bound to spread like wildfire soon enough.

In the end, Biden may simply have accepted his approval rating practically already hit rock bottom and there’s no point in doing anything if it won’t contribute to his political standing.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.