Democrats Lose Their Only Hope to Win the Midterms

Americans are losing interest in abortion-related content as they are now searching for immigration and crime-related news on Google.

Less interest in abortion news is detrimental for Democrats. They were trying to capitalize on the Supreme Court verdict of Roe v. Wade to mobilize their voters in the upcoming elections.

Talking About Abortion Cannot Save Democrats Now

After the Roe v. Wade verdict of the Supreme Court, Google searches for abortion skyrocketed. They reached their peak in the second to last week of June when the top court announced its verdict.

While the abortion topic dominated Google searches until mid-July, more people started searching for crimes and immigration after that, as per the data of Google trends.

This is the official public platform provided by the search giant to analyze the popularity of any search term.

According to Axios, this diminishing interest in abortion can be detrimental for Democrats, as midterm elections are only 11 weeks ahead.

Different surveys suggested that Democrats documented abortion as a leading topic for the upcoming elections. Axios reported the priorities of Democratic voters are also changing, as per the Google trends data.

So, more Democrats will list topics other than abortion as their top priority in the next polls, Axios added. Election strategists have previously established abortion is the only issue that can help Democrats in winning the elections.

Previous polls have also noted women voters are supporting Democrats overwhelmingly just because of the Supreme Court abortion verdict, but the latest Google data once again pushes Democrats on the brink of an election loss.

However, some Americans, particularly Indianans, are still searching for the term abortion in great numbers since the state recently passed a bill to restrict abortion access.

Dems Have Little Good News Before Elections

Meanwhile, Biden’s open border policy is urging Americans to search for immigration-related news on Google.

Americans’ interest in searching the term “immigration” rose after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent illegal immigrants to the luxurious island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

In addition to that, a significant number of Americans are searching for the economy, jobs, and taxes on Google. Axios reported in May that jobs and taxes were the most searched issues on Google in the first quarter of 2022.

Likewise, inflation-related queries are also rising significantly in America, especially after the August report of the Labor Department. The Consumer Price Index has started rising again, despite Biden’s assertion that the economy is recovering slowly.

Many Americans are also interested in the Ukraine war, according to Google Trends, while the general interest in firearms is decreasing. The only good news for Democrats is the declining queries related to gas prices in Google searches.

Although gas prices rose to their historic high in June and people started searching for them on Google, now the topic is only searched by a small number of Americans, amid rising popularity of other issues.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.