Democrats On Their Way to Destroying This Country

Both domestically and internationally, President Biden has indeed wreaked havoc on the United States. With only a 50-50 majority in the Senate, he eliminated the southern border, resulting in an influx of illegal immigration.

He pumped trillions into the economy, producing unprecedented inflation rates. Biden has done all in his capacity to increase the cost of domestic fossil fuel energy, bringing gasoline prices to all-time highs. 

Making Things Worse

If Democrats can win two more seats in the Senate in November, the next two years will be significantly worse for American workers than the first two years of the Biden administration. 

Democrats will be able to disregard Sens. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema’s (D-AZ) rejections to end the filibuster if Democrats have 52, rather than 50 members. 

“Capitol dome from west side” by Ben Schumin

Once the filibuster has been overcome for one legislative issue, it will be abolished for all legislative issues that are deemed too vital for Senate Republicans to block. 

The voting reforms proposed by Democrats will result in a federalization of election law, prohibiting all state voter identification restrictions and enabling ballot harvesting.

Not only would Democrats allow all abortions up until the moment before birth, but they would also abolish the Hyde Amendment, requiring taxpayers who support life to pay for abortions.

After reforming the Senate for years to come, the Democrats will load the Supreme Court with at least four new leftist justices selected by President Biden to establish a 7-6 majority.

With control of the court, Democrats will utilize state authority to crush all opposition to its radical agendas. 

Churches, non-profit organizations, and bakers will be compelled to celebrate and affirm same-sex marriages and transgender genital mutilation of children. The right guaranteed by the First Amendment to practice one’s religion will be abolished. 


Democrats will go even further. Something must be done about the millions of illegal aliens Biden allowed into the country and will continue to allow in.

Even if the overwhelming majority are economic immigrants with no viable asylum claim, Democrats would never consider deporting a single one of them.

Therefore, they will all be granted amnesty and permitted to bring their remaining families who have not yet entered the country illegally. It will result in the loss of national sovereignty. 

After dissolving the family and tearing down the border, Democrats will undermine the value of the U.S. dollar, a process they have already begun.

Untethered from the constraints imposed by moderate lawmakers in the party, Democrats will borrow trillions more to fund their whole welfare wishlist. All of these extra expenditures will exacerbate our already record-high inflation, eroding workers’ wages once more. 

That is the situation this November. Either Republicans get the authority to rein in Biden’s destructive far-left tendencies or Democrats will be granted absolute power to transform the United States into a far-left dystopia.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.