Democrats Put on Blast Over Southern Border Crisis

The Democrat Party owns the southern border crisis. Democrats own this because they elected Biden and Harris into office. The president and vice president have proceeded to absolutely ruin the U.S.-Mexico border; meanwhile, they’re doing absolutely nothing at all to create solutions.

Some Democrats are coming out and urging the Biden administration to make certain changes. This especially started once images of Border Patrol officials on horseback and trying to keep migrants at bay surfaced.

Nevertheless, the Democrat Party as a collective has downplayed and ignored the border crisis altogether. That’s problematic and it’s quite literally become a national security issue.

Now, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is holding Democrats’ feet to the fire when it comes to what’s happening at the southern border, as reported by Breitbart News.

Leader McCarthy on the Southern Border Crisis

Yesterday, the top House Republican sat down with America’s Newsroom to converse about what’s happening at the southern border right now. One of the key points McCarthy made is that having open borders at the same as Afghanistan remains under control of terrorists is very dangerous.

The Minority Leader explained that as things currently stand, Democrats made this mess and they’re just ignoring it altogether. McCarthy noted that thanks to the Taliban’s takeover, countless prisoners and terrorists are on the loose.

Furthermore, it is a well known fact that entry into America requires merely waltzing on over the southern border. This could lead to a repeat of 9/11 or some other terrorist attack of a similar magnitude, all because Biden will not secure the country’s borders.

Later, McCarthy pointed out that with the open southern border has come a rise in migrant apprehensions, drug trafficking, and more. Finally, the House Republican stated the Biden administration’s only solution is pretending like the aforementioned problems don’t exist.

A White House in La-la Land

At this point, the Biden administration might as well be in la-la land. Every single day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki gets in front of the media and lies to the country. She’s continued to downplay the southern border crisis, just as DHS secretary Mayorkas did.

No one in the White House or working for the White House is taking the border crisis seriously. Some Americans believe the Biden administration wants illegal immigrants pouring into the country; the obvious gameplay here is giving these migrants citizenship so they can permanently vote for Democrats and ensure Republicans never win another election.

This is why so many Republicans are presently warning that the situation at the border is a planned takeover. Yet again, Biden is derelict in his duty. The border crisis also serves as a breach of the president’s oath of office.

Biden has a sworn duty to enforce the United States’ immigration laws whether he favors them or not.