Democrats Stopped Republicans From Bringing Biden to Justice

House Democrats blocked Republicans’ efforts to collect documents related to Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals, which potentially conflicted with US foreign policy.

Democrats believe the GOP is trying to manipulate voters ahead of the midterm elections by starting an investigation into Hunter Biden.

Dems Step Up to Save Biden Dynasty

Republican lawmakers wanted to get access to all the foreign business documents of the Biden family in order to lay the framework to investigate Hunter Biden in a GOP-led House after the midterm elections.

However, after a two-hour-long debate, the House Oversight Committee voted down Republicans’ resolution.

During the debate, Republicans argued Hunter Biden’s controversial business dealings overseas impacted US foreign policy, not to mention the first son used his father’s name to earn millions of dollars abroad.

According to GOP Congressman James Comer, the Biden family managed to get undeserving access to the highest level of the government, due to Joe Biden’s influence, which is eventually undermining American interests.

So, Comer continued, Biden should be answerable for his involvement in his son’s business dealings with some of the prominent adversaries of America, including the Chinese Communist Party.

Dems Accused Republicans of Foul Play

Furthermore, other Republicans claimed Hunter Biden had deep ties with business tycoons of China and Ukraine, which potentially impacted Biden’s foreign policy related to these countries.

Another Republican lawmaker, Byron Donalds, accused Biden of lying to Americans regarding not knowing anything about the shady business dealings of his son.

Donalds asserted Biden was surely aware when his son helped a Chinese firm buy a cobalt mine, considering that cobalt is an essential part of electric vehicles. Biden is promoting these vehicles in the United States.

In addition to that, Congressman Clay Higgins labeled the whole Biden dynasty as a “criminal family,” adding the GOP would expose the whole Biden family in front of Americans.

Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers suggested Republicans are only raising the issue to get political advantages in the upcoming midterm elections and reduce the media spotlight on issues of climate change and abortion.

Democratic lawmaker Carolyn Maloney noted Republicans are trying to prosecute Biden’s son Hunter, his brother James Biden, and his sister-in-law Sara Jones Biden, even though none of them are related to the Biden administration.

Furthermore, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton claimed Republicans were launching a smear campaign against Bidens.

Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop already revealed he was engaged in controversial business dealings all over the world.

While Joe Biden established he did not know anything about his son’s business, Hunter’s leaked email suggested he met with his father regularly after his foreign trips.

The GOP has even promised to impeach Joe Biden after winning the House majority in the midterm elections, due to his involvement in his son’s business matters.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.