Democrats Taking ‘Controlling The Media’ To A Whole New Level

Per a bombshell inquiry conducted by Axios, Democratic infiltrators are swamping key swing states with over 50 presumably local publications that are intended to elevate liberal hopefuls. 

One of the men who has been connected to the scam is David Brock, a formerly conservative writer who made a complete about-face. He went on to start Media Matters For America, a contentious nonprofit organization that criticizes websites that publish conservative news. 

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Lachlan Markay and Thomas Wheatley, two investigative reporters for Axios, claim the organization employs a patina of independent local news material to provide the appearance that partisan messaging is supported by original reporting. 

51 Websites!

According to the report, the 51 pop-up websites are intended for voters in key swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The websites carry just about enough accumulated stories on street crime and sporting events to make them appear like genuine regional news outlets.

However, their actual objective has seemed to be placing heavily skewed news favoring Democratic hopefuls and blasting their opponents who are affiliated with the Republican Party, as was revealed in the report. 

The “About Us” portions of the websites indicate they are controlled by Local Report Inc., a for-profit firm based in Ontario that was established the previous year. 

Matt Fuehrmeyer serves as the president of The American Independent (TAI), affiliated with Local Report, and has a relationship with the publication.

A former top staffer at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and an assistant to the late former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Fuehrmeyer is no longer employed by either organization. 

Publishing Stories

The Washington-based TAI, which was formed by Brock, is responsible for the production of a significant number of the stories published on the various websites that are part of the Local Report network. 

According to Jessica McCreight, a former insider in the Obama administration who now serves as the executive editor of the American Independent, the American Independent, and the Local Report have a collaboration and a “co-publishing arrangement.”

She asserted the websites are genuine local news sources in the area.

According to her, it has been widely noted in areas where regional news outlets are shuttered, the prevalence of disinformation and falsehoods increases.

In addition, to address this issue, the American Independent expanded its coverage area to provide readers with local news and information that is factually accurate and focuses on themes that have an effect on their communities. 

It would appear ads of any kind do not support the websites, be they local or otherwise. 

The websites that are part of the questionable media chain have published articles praising Democratic candidates such as Stacey Abrams, who is running for governor of Georgia, and Jocelyn Benson, who is running for secretary of state in Michigan.