Dems Aim to Bring Universal Basic Income

Democrats are preparing to put more burdens on taxpayers by introducing a minimum guaranteed income every month for low-income people.

Any Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme is bound to create unprecedented inflation, while increasing the taxes on the average American taxpayer.

Dems Promoting Non-Working Culture in America

Former Lieutenant Governor of New York Betsy Mccaughey wrote an op-ed in the NY Post, according to which Democrats are offering more free money to people.

Reportedly, minimum guaranteed income has already been rolled out in different cities, including Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and Providence, which should be stopped immediately.

Random applicants will soon start receiving $1,000 monthly checks in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times editorial board appreciated this social spending decision, claiming recipients are well aware of their needs and challenges, so the government should give free cash to them.

Similarly, Cook County in Chicago is running the largest UBI program in America. Toni Preckwinkle, the president of the Cook County Board, asserted free checks would help people take care of their families and find better employment opportunities.

Mccaughey slammed the idea that free cash will help needy people take care of their needs. She stated even working people have the same goals, but they still prefer to do jobs and save money, instead of relying on government assistance.

If the government wants to help people, they should assist those workers who are doing multiple jobs, but still struggling to make ends meet, instead of giving more money to those who are not preferring to do any work at all, Mccaughey noted.

According to Mccaughey, more than 80 Democratic mayors are trying to introduce UBI in their cities, which is promoting non-working lifestyles all across the country.

Free Money Will Only Destroy the US Economy

Mccaughey claimed these radical socialist policies even deteriorated the image of the Democrat Party, which used to be a party of working-class Americans under Bill Clinton’s presidency.

While Bill Clinton tried to give cash handouts to Americans who were looking for jobs, Mccaughey continued, modern-day Democrats are giving money to those who are sitting idle, thus encouraging people to leave their work.

Furthermore, Mccaughey asserted Democrats are also giving free money to their own voter groups, particularly transgender women and “gender-nonconforming” people, who are most likely to vote for Democrats.

Meanwhile, far-left advocates believe minimum guaranteed income will help vulnerable communities in times of chronic inflation.

Darrick Hamilton, a pro-reparation school professor, stated cash handouts would reduce racism in the United States, since the government will take money from white communities and give them to minorities.

Now, UBI advocates are pushing Congress to take decisive action to redistribute wealth in the United States. Hamilton noted Congress should bring a federal program to give minimum monthly payments to unemployed people countrywide.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.