Dems’ Attack on White Workers

The American Enterprise Institute recruited the co-author of the book “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” which accurately foretold President Barack Obama’s ascent to power.

This co-author formerly worked at the Center for American Progress. Why is Ruy Teixeira jumping ship from the most influential liberal think group and joining a conservative organization instead?

Teixeira explained to Michael Schaffer that it was just an issue of class.

Superiority Complex

Teixeira stated he would favor anybody with a truly class-oriented viewpoint, who believes this is an essential lens and does not simply assume that every gap is inevitably a lens of racism or sexism or anything else.

According to him, that point of view is not welcome in the majority of left-leaning organizations.

Teixeira continued by telling the story of how his proposal to begin a “Bobby Kennedy Project” that would speak to the working class, both black and white, was rejected by CAP.

He believed that such a project would appeal to both groups.

Teixeria reported after having many talks with individuals working in the foundation sector, no one was interested in the topic.

On top of this, people were hesitant to bring up the issue of the white working class, as though doing so implied that it was inherently racist.

It is well known that white educated elites, such as those who work at CAP, hold a negative attitude towards the white working class.

According to the findings of a recent study, white persons with college educations show a significantly higher degree of bigotry towards whites with lower levels of education than they do against any other group.

The animosity stems from a straightforward belief held by today’s Democrat Party: that the only explanation for unequal outcomes is racism or sexism in some form or another.

Therefore, if white people are low-income or have a low level of education, it must be because of their own actions.

They Only Care About Race

Because of this prejudice towards the white working class, Democrats are faced with the alluring prospect of completely disregarding these people.

The famous statement made by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in 2016 was as follows:

“For each blue-collar Democrat we don’t win over in western Pennsylvania, we shall grab two centrist Republicans in the suburbs of Philadelphia. You can also replicate it in Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.”

The numbers Schumer is presenting don’t stack up. This is terrible news for the Democrats. There are almost six people out of every ten who do not have a college education.

You should anticipate the Democrats losing more votes from working-class families, as well as academics like Teixeira, who focus on working-class concerns, as long as they continue to make every issue about race.