Dems Conspired Against Colorado Republicans, But All in Vain

Democrats poured millions of dollars into stopping moderate Republicans from winning their primary elections in Colorado by backing far-right campaigns. 

However, all three Republican nominees supported by Democrats ended up losing their elections in Colorado.

Democrats Went into Panic Mode

The likelihood of Democrats losing crucial Senate, gubernatorial, and House seats in the November elections is urging them to adopt controversial means.

So, they supported state Rep. Ron Hanks for US Senate, Greg Lopez for the gubernatorial election, and former State Representative Lori Saine for a House seat in the recently concluded state primaries.

In their support of Hanks, Democrats spent more than $4 million on advertisement and Public Relations campaigns.

Hanks was a MAGA candidate who did not enjoy across-the-board support from Republicans; so he was likely to be defeated easily by Democrats in the midterm elections.

Compared to Hanks, O’Dea did not emphasize too much on 2020 voter fraud claims and maintained a moderate position on abortion as well.

The same was the case in the gubernatorial primaries, where a far-right candidate Lopez, who wanted to ban abortion completely, lost, despite enjoying Democrats’ support.

Lopez previously indicated that women who got pregnant after being raped should see it as an opportunity. In his backing, the Democratic super PAC Colorado Information Network spent big money on advertisements.

Similarly, a House Majority PAC spent nearly $46,000 in advertisements and likewise stuff to promote the candidacy of another far-right candidate Saine in the 8th Congressional District of Colorado.

One such ad called Saine a “conservative warrior” so Republican voters could come out to help her win the primaries. Democrats were forced to adopt this electioneering strategy as they seemed too afraid of the moderate Republican candidates in the upcoming elections.

Subsequent polls have already predicted that moderate Republicans have more likelihood to win their elections in some of the battleground states.

Currently, Democrats are defending the gubernatorial and Senate seat in the Colorado midterm, while the House seat, in the discussion, is newly created after the latest census.

Democrats are Afraid of Republicans

Though this election strategy of Democrats is not exclusively directed at defeating far-right candidates only.

In fact, any Republican candidate, be it far-right or moderate, who is looking strong enough to defeat Democrats in the November elections is vulnerable to these tactics. 

For instance, thousands of traditionally Democratic voters changed their voter registration to vote against Lauren Boebert, a far-right candidate, in the Colorado primary.

However, she still ended up winning her primaries and is likely to give Democrats tough competition in the upcoming elections.

After the results of the primary elections, the Colorado Republican Party came forward to debunk the controversial strategies of the Democrats.

According to the party, Democrats proved in the primary elections they are afraid and desperate to save their incumbents in the state who have miserably failed to deliver.