DeSantis Embarrasses Liberal Elites in Worst Way Possible

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been one of the rare few trying to stand up against the Biden regime’s open borders ideology.

Along with people like Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, DeSantis has been one of America’s governors who’s been trying to stop the crisis happening on the southern border.

Not only are dangerous drugs and weapons being smuggled across the border to feed into the skyrocketing cry rate, but men, women, and children are routinely victimized as they are trafficked across the border.

Though liberal elites in DC seem determined to just continue virtue signaling about diversity or rights, instead of focusing on a secure border that will stop incentivizing traffickers.

Now, DeSantis has taken it up another notch in his fight to protect the country. He’s sending plane-loads of illegal immigrants to the liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a tiny island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s a favorite retreat for liberal elites since the days of the Kennedys; it’s also the site of a mansion owned by the Obama family.

Now, DeSantis is sending illegal immigrants who have been released to Martha’s Vineyard, specifically.

The island does have an airport. The state of Florida got these folks a ticket and sent them to check out the new digs. The progressive woke folks of Martha’s Vineyard will surely be glad to have some more cultural diversity going on in their area.

Of course, we all know that many of these folks may, unfortunately, end up working for less than minimum wage. They may end up being economically exploited in the island’s tourist industry or slaving away in Obama’s kitchen.

Though at the very least, they will serve as a reminder that when you don’t control who comes into your country, it could be anyone and they need to live somewhere.

Why not live in an exclusive liberal enclave full of retired stockbrokers and people running trendy little bed and breakfasts?

Sanctuary States Get Ready

Confirming that planes of illegal immigrants from Florida did arrive in Martha’s Vineyard, DeSantis said it’s part of a “relocation program” to bring illegal migrants to sanctuary states.

As DeSantis’ comms chief Taryn Fenske observed, places like California, Massachusetts, and New York will be more skilled at “caring” for illegal immigrants since they have shown they do not regard them as illegal.

In other words, these states back a more-or-less “open borders” ideology, according to Fenske, and thus they should reap the consequences.

This isn’t just talk, either: Florida has put $12 million into relocating illegal immigrants in its most recent budgeting decisions.

‘I Feel Good’

As one immigrant from Venezuela said, he literally walked through ten countries to get to Texas. Then, he covertly cross the US border until being given a ticket to Martha’s Vineyard.

He said, despite all his struggles, he feels “good” and is happy to be in the new place.

His main reason for coming to the United States was to find better work and economic situations, which makes sense given Venezuela’s collapsing economy and runaway inflation.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.