DeSantis, Newsom Trade Blows Over Illegal Immigration

For over a year, the White House has had every opportunity in the world to secure the southern border and uphold America’s immigration rules. The Biden administration refuses to do this, even after pleas from border states.

Now, Biden and his left-wing allies are furious with border states for daring to dispatch handfuls of these migrants to sanctuary cities and liberal Martha’s Vineyard.

Democrats claim that leaders like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are using migrants as props and even human trafficking them.

Meanwhile, when Biden dispatched migrants to Jacksonville, Florida, there were no complaints whatsoever.

As all this plays out, California Gov. Gavin Newsom decided to throw his thoughts into the equation. This prompted some pushback from DeSantis, as documented by Washington Examiner.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Despite the homelessness crisis, electric issues, and more facing California, Newsom is repeatedly picking fights with Florida and DeSantis.

Newsom’s latest involves him writing to the Justice Department and demanding for DeSantis and Abbott to undergo investigation, then prosecution, for their handling of migrants at the southern border.

Of course, the California governor didn’t have any issues when Texas, Arizona, and even some communities in Florida were being overwhelmed by folks unlawfully crossing the southern border.

Nevertheless, during a press conference, DeSantis responded to this latest stunt from Newsom. The Florida governor pointed out that all the hair gel his Democratic counterpart in California uses is clearly having some adverse effects on his mind.

All For Show

If Biden, Newsom, and other Democrats were truly concerned about migrants arriving in sanctuary cities and Martha’s Vineyard, their actions would match their words.

In the case of the president, he’d do what he should have done over a year ago and reinstate border policies that actually prevent illegal immigration.

If Newsom and other Democrats were serious, they’d be calling for Biden to secure the southern border and erase the need for migrants to be dispatched to various communities across the country.

Democrats, of course, aren’t going to put any real teeth behind their words. Instead, they’ll continue to attack Republicans without taking any real efforts to solve the problem that’s compelling these new migrant transfers, to begin with.

It’s also worth noting that sanctuary cities have claimed to be so loving and accepting of illegal immigrants. Yet, the moment they actually had to put this love and acceptance into action, the whole facade crumbled.

What do you think about DeSantis’ response to Newsom pressing the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute Florida and Texas governors over their dispatches of migrants into sanctuary cities?

Let us know in the comments area how long you think this situation could play out.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.