Disappointing News for Biden and Democrats in First Survey Following Infrastructure Bill

A new survey from the Washington Post and ABC News shows Americans’ views of President Biden and Democrats have deteriorated since the House enacted infrastructure legislation.

A surprising majority of Americans—53 percent—oppose how President Biden is carrying out his duties, while only 41 percent approve.

Among those polled on the economy, 55 percent disapprove of Biden’s response to the crisis; 49 percent disapprove and 47 percent approve of how Biden’s handled the coronavirus situation.

Support From the Democratic National Committee

There have been a plethora of emails and tweets from the Democratic National Committee and DNC War Room; these messages are praising the passing of the infrastructure legislation and the alleged benefits it will bring. What a joke.

Well, if Democrats and supportive media were expecting other unbiased groups to follow suit, the Washington Post/ABC News poll is a massive shame for the Biden administration.

The new poll also asked about Biden’s achievements after ten months in office. Only 35 percent think he’s done “a lot” or “a huge amount,” while 63 percent think Biden’s done “not that much” or “absolutely nothing.” 

According to the poll, 59 percent of Americans are “more anxious” that Biden would do much more to raise the scale and government’s role in the United States. In contrast, 38 percent are “less worried” about Biden’s attempts to expand government in the United States.

When asked how they feel about the economy, 70 percent say it’s “bad,” while 29 percent think it’s “good,” and 2 percent say it’s “great.”

Americans’ budgets continue to be hampered by inflation. 34 percent of those polled blame Biden a “great deal,” as opposed to 21 percent who blame the president “not at all” for the rise in costs.

Biden Shouldn’t be Focused on Global Warming

The American people are skeptical in the wake of President Biden’s journey to Glasgow, Scotland to meet with foreign leaders on climate change.

When it comes to climate change, more Americans (49 percent) believe it is a longer-term issue that requires more research before a decision is made, rather than an urgent concern that requires immediate state intervention.

The WaPo/ABC News poll’s generic congressional ballot question suggests even more disappointing news for Democrats before the 2022 midterms. Their slender majorities in the House and Senate will face a spirited battle from Republicans.

When asked if the elections for the midterms were conducted now, 51 percent of voters said they’d vote Republican. 41 percent, on the other hand, said they’d vote Democrat, giving the GOP a +10 margin.

The poll also predicted Republicans might leverage kitchen table issues, such as parental education control. On average, 81% of Americans prefer parents have “some” say in what their children’s schools teach.

The Washington Post/ABC News polled 1,001 adults between November 7th and November 10th. Respondents self-identified as Democrat (27%), Republican (26%), or Independent (37%).