Disney’s Woke Crusade Reaches Sickening New Levels

The Walt Disney Company used to be a pro-family American organization. Though after drifting away from the vision of its founder, it kept wandering into more and more leftist territory.

The ideology of cultural Marxism is very pervasive in society today; it has found its way fully into this once great company, infecting its content with far-left ideology.

We saw several months ago how Disney reacted when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stopped teachers from indoctrinating children with radical gender ideology.

Disney said DeSantis is against gays; a tape leaked of them planning to put even more LGBT characters in shows to encourage kids to become LGBT.

Now, a sneak peak at their content shows they still haven’t learned their lesson.

Disney’s New Show: Tampons For Boys

Disney has a new show coming out called Baymax. It’s about a health robot called Baymax who helps people get the health advice they need.

A clip released online shows this robot helping girls and women pick the right tampons for themselves. This includes him getting feedback from a young boy in a trans t-shirt.

Disney has an advisory that this show could be dangerous for those with epilepsy because of rapid light configurations, but has nothing in it about the transgender points of view it spreads.

The idea that men also get menstruation is a cornerstone of trans ideology. It is intended to confuse kids and adults even more about what biological sex means and how it has nothing to do with gender.

Confusing people about gender and sex is not accidental. It’s a key plank of cultural Marxism, which is designed to break down all cultural foundations of society so it can be remade into a new technocratic and atheist model.

Why Does Disney Care So Much About Promoting Trans Ideology?

Of course, officially, Disney wants to promote transgender respect and rights for the sake of tolerance. In reality, obviously, they want to continue to socially engineer and promote these kinds of things to change society.

In fact, Disney has a special computer algorithm they’ve worked out to put more and more characters who are gender non-binary and other such identities in its programs.

The purpose is to break down traditional ideas of biological sex, sexual attraction, and more in order to create a brave new world. In this world, our technological overlords can turn us into easily-controlled and confused, mentally ill slaves.

None of this is OK or even remotely normal. It’s certainly not respectful of transgender individuals, many of whom regret their transitions they did as kids and suffer severe physical and psychological consequences from it.

Bottom Line

It’s easy for Disney to claim their shows just reflect a new reality. Whereas the truth is they’re shaping that new reality and it’s nightmarish.


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