Disturbing Details Come Out About Paul Pelosi’s Attacker

In the early hours of Friday morning, a male individual allegedly broke into the home of Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco and assaulted her husband, Paul.

The male attacker grabbed a hammer and demanded to know “where’s Nancy,” then hit and battered 82-year-old Paul before police and emergency crews arrived.

Paul was allegedly able to dial 911 covertly from his cellphone to get emergency assistance. Nancy was in DC at the time of the alleged attack.

Paul is expected to make a full recovery. The male suspect is now identified as a 42-year-old man by the name of David DePape. Disturbing details are coming out about his past and political beliefs.

Who is David DePape?

DePape is from Berkeley, California and is a nudist activist.

The mainstream media is alleging he fell deep into QAnon theories about the Democrat Party, while other evidence is emerging that shows him as an admirer of Cuban communist Fidel Castro and a far-left individual.

Whatever the case, DePape faces some very serious accusations from his own family, including his stepdaughter Inti Gonzalez, who says he is full of “darkness” and sexually abused herself and his other sons.

Despite trying to be “good,” DePape had a “monster” inside him that kept coming out. Gonzalez, his stepdaughter, said her mom coupled up with DePape after meeting him in Hawaii when she was already pregnant.

Eventually, they broke up in 2014, but Gonzalez said he sexually abused them starting in 2008 when she was only seven. Efforts to get the case to criminal court were mismanaged and led to nothing ultimately being done about it, according to Gonzalez.

Gonzalez leveled these accusations in an online Facebook post on her account, saying DePape did once say sorry, but he seemed to have deep issues which he hadn’t dealt with that turned him into a “monster.”

Attempts to contact him a few months ago ended when he denied the abuse to her, Gonzalez said.

DePape’s Conspiracy Posts

DePape’s online presence is full of conspiracy postings. He said society is ruled by “elites” who censor free speech and climate change is a hoax.

He also said Jewish people use the legal system to obtain an unfair advantage and power in society. Gonzalez said she and her family didn’t think much of the posts, assuming he was just very opinionated and into some alternative theories.

What seems to have happened is DePape was in a space beyond the typical political spectrum, but there’s no doubt he had a lot of far-left beliefs and connections.

He somehow appears to have believed Pelosi was involved in a conspiracy or to blame in some way; it seems that he did target her residence specifically since he went in hollering for her to come out.

The Bottom Line

The San Francisco police and FBI are investigating more about what’s behind this. We’ll continue to follow this important story.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.