Donald Trump Criticizes Kayleigh McEnany for Misrepresenting Poll Numbers

In a post on Truth Social, former President Trump criticized Kayleigh McEnany, who served as his press secretary during his time in the White House.

Support For DeSantis

Trump said McEnany gave out incorrect poll figures while appearing on Fox News in reference to the fight for the presidential primary in 2024.

McEnany made statements in the past that give the impression she is supportive of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ quest for the presidency. DeSantis just recently made the announcement that he will run for the presidency as a Republican.

It would appear McEnany was maybe referring to a poll composed by American Greatness. It showed Trump is ahead of DeSantis in South Carolina by a margin of 25 percent.

Trump, on the other hand, seems to be contesting those numbers by referring to the Real Clear Politics average that reportedly showed him up 34 points nationwide in the primary campaign.

In this context, the average shows Trump is leading.

She Was Aware

Trump stated Kayleigh ‘Milktoast’ McEnany just sent out the incorrect poll figures on Fox News. He went on to say that he was, in fact, 34 points ahead of “DeSanctimonious” and not just 25.

Trump said while 25 is an impressive figure, it is not as good as 34. He added McEnany was aware the poll’s creators increased the number.

McEnany may or may not respond, but she would be wise to choose the best course of action in any case. McEnany has a Truth Social account, but she hasn’t updated it since April 30.

It remains to be seen if Trump makes any further comments regarding his former press secretary. However, more and more polls of the 2024 presidential election can be expected to come out, especially now that DeSantis is formally in the race.

DeSantis is widely seen as the greatest threat to Trump winning the nomination.