Ukraine’s Zelenskyy: Donbas Might Fall Quickly

In his most pessimistic assessment to date, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently stated the Donbas area located in Eastern Ukraine could succumb to Russian forces in the near future. 

In a video address he released over the weekend, Zelenskyy claimed the circumstances in Donbas have become “inexpressibly difficult.” He also hinted Russia might take control of the region.

Since the “color revolution” that took place in Kyiv in 2014, pro-Russian forces have occupied sections of Donestk and Lugansk; there has been intermittent warfare over the course of these years. 

Resolve of Ukraine

Zelensky addressed the people and said, “Our defense holds on.”

“The conditions are so difficult they defy description. I am thankful to everyone who has been holding out against this assault by the occupiers.”

Close quarters of fighting broke out between Russian and Ukrainian troops in the city of Sievierodonetsk as Russia’s military troops, supported by intensive bombardment, attempted to gain critical footholds for seizing the region. 

Regional officials in Ukraine stated Russian forces are “storming” Sievierodonetsk after their previous attempts to encircle the city failed.

According to the mayor, the fighting caused the power and cell lines to be knocked out; a humanitarian help center could not function, due to the threat. 

In the past few days, Sievierodonetsk emerged as the apex of Moscow’s quest to seize all of the industrial Donbas areas in Ukraine. This city is situated approximately 89 miles south of the Russian border.

In addition, Russia ramped up its efforts to conquer the nearby city of Lysychansk, where inhabitants were running to get away from the relentless shelling. 

The Evacuation

According to the Mayor of Sievierodonetsk, Oleksandr Striuk, there was violence at the bus station in the city on Saturday.

As per Striuk, people who remained in the city were forced to run the risk of being shelled to fetch water from one of six wells. 

These people did not also have access to electricity or mobile phone service. 

Both of the eastern cities are located on bridges that cross the strategically significant Donetsk River.

They are the last significant areas in the Luhansk province that are under Ukrainian control. The province of Donbas is made up of Luhansk and the neighboring city of Donetsk. 

“The occupants are mistaken if they believe that Lyman or Sievierodonetsk will become a part of their territory.”

During his nightly address, Zelenskyy declared that Donbas would become part of Ukraine. 

In the meantime, the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic informed state-run media that the Ukrainian military shelled Donetsk six times throughout the course of Saturday night and Sunday morning.

In a separate statement, the Russian Ministry of Defense asserted that Russian soldiers on Saturday captured the town of Krasny Liman.