Drone Deliveries For Amazon Are Already Here

In America today, deliveries are just a part of everyday life. Online shopping has only served to increase in recent years. Many people find this to be much more convenient than having to get up and go to the store to find what they want.

Traditionally, deliveries of online products have been made by drivers, thus providing working-class people with reliable jobs.

However, the way in which goods are delivered could very well be changing across the board soon. In real-time, Amazon has constructed a program called Prime Air.

Prime Air relies upon drones in order to deliver people’s packages to them, as documented by Washington Examiner.

What to Know About Amazon Drone Deliveries

First and foremost, Prime Air is still in the testing phase. This means its services are limited and currently being put to the test in Lockeford, California.

In order for people in Lockeford to have access to Prime Air, they have to be Amazon Prime members. The drone deliveries work via getting customers’ orders to them within a half-hour of delivery time.

Thus far, the drones have been created so that they know to steer clear of objects like airplanes, poles, and other objects that may be in the air. Once the Prime Air drones pick up on motion, they will steer in a different direction.

Lockeford residents who use Prime Air are also mandated to undergo an Amazon review of sorts. This is simply to ensure their homes are compatible with Prime Air drones.

The Underlying Factor

As it turns out, labor shortages are playing a major role in the economy today. This has naturally influenced Amazon and other companies to rethink how certain tasks are completed.

With fewer human hands available, automation is becoming the next step.

If Prime Air turns out to be a success in Northern California, it is very much possible that other communities across the United States could see drones delivering packages to Amazon Prime members as well.

With the arrival of more automation in the workforce, some people have expressed concerns about how this will impact the jobs that generally go to working-class people.

However, a significant factor in these robots, drones, and other forms of automation being seen is a lack of human workers. This is why America has a labor shortage today. Companies, meanwhile, are being forced to adapt in order to avoid falling behind.

The longer labor shortages persist, the more likely people are to see and read about various forms of automation being established to complete necessary tasks.

What do you think about Amazon’s Prime Air program? Do you think having drones deliver packages will be a success? You’re invited to let us know in the comments area.


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