Election Fraud in Pennsylvania?

For years now, we have heard from Democrats that conservatives are election-denying psychopaths who believe in conspiracies.

We’re supposed to believe Joe Biden and his minions are committed protectors of sacred democracy who want to keep it safe from MAGA and Trump.

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Yet, the more you look at the actual facts, the more it emerges that Democrats have a very nasty habit of getting votes from dead people and non-citizens!

The latest example comes out of the Keystone state, just ahead of the midterm elections, but it’s far from the only time.

Unverified Ballots Mailed Out

News is breaking that 249,000 Pennsylvania voters received ballots without the government actually having confirmed their ID or who they are.

This issue has now been raised by various state legislators who contacted state authorities about why ballots are being sent out to any name on a list. This is happening without actually checking who they are or whether they are eligible to vote.

The state’s answer to this happened has been very confusing. It’s unclear and basically amounts to admitting they do send out ballots to everyone, but only those who end up confirming their ID have their ballot counted.

In other words, the Democrat-run state of Pennsylvania is sending out hundreds of thousands of random votes to anyone on a list. They’re saying “trust us” that they won’t let non-citizens, dead people, or ineligible voters cast a ballot.

Especially in Democrat-run crime factories like Philadelphia, anyone who buys this kind of statement is naive beyond belief.

It Gets Worse…

Recently, 30,000 people in Colorado got a notification to sign up to vote who were not even citizens. How does this work, exactly?

We know Democrats are claiming they care about democracy. According to them, it’s the GOP who’s gerrymandering and redistricting like crazy as part of a racist plan to disenfranchise black and minority voters. What we see happening is actually the exact opposite.

Republicans are trying to expand the vote and make sure the rules are fair, while Democrats try to muddy the water and make it harder to verify or have proper oversight of election integrity.

All the big claims to care so much about election integrity and black Americans are nothing but the Democratic way to run interference. They want to shout enough angry words and false accusations to be able to rob this upcoming election.

Then, they will claim anyone who questions the results is some kind of wild-eyed J6 insurrectionist who has no teeth. It’s absurd what they’re doing, but if we don’t pay attention, we could get hoodwinked again.

The Bottom Line

The upcoming midterms must be secure. Do not trust any state or federal authorities who are doing things like what happened in Pennsylvania.

This needs to be investigated fully and completely.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.