Elon Musk Threatened by Biden

The vote totals do not appear to have adequately humbled Joe Biden and the Democrats. They act this way despite the likelihood that they have just dropped the House and Senate elections.

When questioned by a journalist about what he believed of over 70 percent of Americans believing the country was headed on the wrong path, Biden refused to concede that he needed to do anything or that he had made any mistakes.

Threat To National Security?

However, when they are not severely rebuked, they believe they can continue their poor behavior.

Biden’s remark on Elon Musk was utterly incorrect and terrifying.

A reporter asked him if he considered Elon Musk to be a “threat” to “national security” and if he should probe Musk’s “joint takeover of Twitter” with foreign entities such as Saudi Arabia.

Biden’s Tomfoolery

This is the extent to which the mainstream press believes it can go with a Dem like Joe Biden in charge, who will cooperate with their ugliest excesses to eliminate an opponent.

Musk’s offense? Not being a die-hard Democrat who controls Twitter to further their narrative.

The Saudis had previously invested heavily in Twitter.

Nobody appeared to care about that. Suddenly, it appears that it needs investigation. Strange how they didn’t mind Saudi involvement while leftists were in charge.

At one time, the Saudis attempted to obstruct or oppose Musk’s takeover. Reporters appeared to have no problem with this. It’s not as if Musk had any significant relationships, but it seems like a pretext to go against him.

Planned And Wrong

Now, the proper response should have been that we should not probe individuals based on their status as political opponents or members of the media.

Obviously, though, this is not what Biden meant. Biden gave an ugly laugh and then appeared to phrase his statement carefully. However, the answer was still “yes” because it was “worthy of consideration.”

Assume that Donald Trump had stated something similar. Biden effectively mandates action against an individual who encouraged people to vote for GOP for Congress.

Watch too that Biden is reviewing his notes in response to this question. How could he have known they would pose such an out-of-bounds question?

The answer is that he knew beforehand. So, it was not just a wrong answer; it was a deliberate attempt to stifle free speech and send out a message that behaving contrary to the narrative could have repercussions.

Everyone should be concerned about what was said here. If he can do this to the world’s wealthiest guy, he can do it to anyone.

How funny, given that Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden are the only ones whose foreign power connections warrant scrutiny and pose a risk to national security.

Mike Collins, who had won his House campaign in Georgia’s 10th District, retorted to Biden by stating that the future Congress will investigate “a few things (people)” and that Elon Musk would not be the first target.

One can only assume that this is a message to President Biden, but the Republican Party must do more to fight these fascist tactics!