Facing a ‘Biden Border Crisis,’ DeSantis Wants to Purge Florida of Illegals

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came up with a plan to move illegal immigrants out of the state. “Freedom First” is the name of DeSantis’ $99.7 billion spending plan.

It includes $8 million to allow the state to work with private firms that are willing to extract undocumented immigrants from Florida.

The Seriousness of Illegal Immigration

The Miami Herald asserts the Florida governor chose to pay for the proposed project with the benefits that accrue from federal funds. 

DeSantis also wants to pass a succession of legislative proposals that he asserts will fight back against Biden’s immigration crisis. These are the newest combat lines drawn by the governor, who may be planning to run against Biden in 2024.

Little is known about how the suggested immigration program will work or how the state will track and remove people who aren’t legally allowed to stay.

Before such a program like this can be run in Florida, the state legislature would have to approve the money and rules. There has been no response from the governor’s office regarding this story’s specifics.

This month, DeSantis said one of the things they’ve been focusing on for a long time is facing the consequences of Biden’s reckless immigration policies. They will collaborate with the state legislature later.

The national government uses “clandestine” airlines to send undocumented immigrants to Florida and DeSantis’ office is keeping an eye on those flights.

78 flights came into Jacksonville between April 2021 and October 2021. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement found them.

In August, DeSantis told Biden to stop his “reckless” immigration laws, particularly those that hurt the people of Florida.

Homeland Security’s Compliance

DeSantis wrote to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to say Floridians are trying to make sure illegal aliens don’t come back into their communities.

Yet, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seems to be working hard to bring in more and more illegal immigrants from the southwest border. 

DeSantis wants the Department of Homeland Security to stop resettling unlawful immigrants in Florida as soon as possible.

Instead, the Florida governor wants them extracted from the United States or put up in states that support the administration’s disregard for our immigration laws.

He said Floridians happily accept responsible immigration that represents the needs of Florida and the United States. Still, they can’t stand the lawlessness the Department of Homeland Security is helping to facilitate on the southwest border.

DeSantis also said he’s had to take enforcement of immigration laws into his own hands because of how things have been going.

The Florida governor explained he’s been to the state lines and seen the chaos this president’s policies caused. To fill the gap left by the federal government, Florida sent its own law enforcement personnel to the border.

They’ve been told many of the illegal immigrants caught there plan to end up in the Sunshine State, where they’ll be living.