Far Left MSNBC Contributor Incites Murder Against Conservatives

MSNBC is one of the worst propaganda networks in this country.

It regularly incites hate against conservatives, white people, the America First movement, and Christianity. It is no exaggeration to say that MSNBC is an extremist, Democrat-run hate network.

The channel, which President Trump mockingly refers to as MSDNC, recently crossed a line that even its worst critics didn’t expect, however.

It let one of its top contributors come on and literally incite murder against conservative Americans. Yes, he actually said non-conservatives may have to begin murdering those who disagree with them.

The Extremist Psychopathy of Malcolm Nance

Malcolm Nance is a former petty officer in the US Navy. He made waves several months back for his bizarre reaction to an incoming aerial strike in Ukraine, in which he pretended to know exact details just by instinct.

Nance isn’t a stupid person; he’s actually quite smart and has written a book on defeating ISIS and another on cyberterrorism and hacking.

However, in his latest book, Nance fully drinks the far-left Kool-Aid. His new book, which is called “They Want To Kill Americans,” is about the MAGA movement and conservative populists.

According to Nance, right-wing groups like those who took part in January 6 are an existential threat to the survival of ordinary, moderate Americans. This “insurgency” may lead to actually having to fight your “neighbors.”

Of course, the key here is in what exactly Nance means by right-wing extremists. Using terms such as extremist is very easy to do when you don’t have to define precisely what an extremist is.

It’s a floating signifier that can be applied to any future enemy of any political belief. Its vague terms used to call violence on people have been the strategy of every horrific mass murder in history from Pol Pot to Stalin.

Nance Calls on ISIS, Says J6 Protesters Should Have Been Hit With Air Strikes

Nance, spitting out flames of hatred, went further. He said that what happened on Capitol Hill, if it were anywhere else in the world, would be certain to be met with air strikes.

This is far from the first time this man has called for unhinged violence against political opponents.

In 2017, Nance sarcastically pleaded with the terrorist group ISIS to bomb Trump’s building via his Twitter page. Is that supposed to be funny or something?

One Random Extremist?

Now, Nance is clearly not a well man; he needs serious professional and possibly psychiatric help. Though if this were just about him going off on a wild tangent, it would not be overly newsworthy.

The awful truth is this exact kind of psychotic, violent mentality is steadily spreading among significant elements of the left in this country.

However, unlike the very fringe elements of the right, which also turn to violent rhetoric and incitement, this rhetoric and hate propagation is being directly encouraged and literally broadcast by one of the biggest media networks in the country.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.