Fauci Retiring Before Biden’s Tenure Ends

President Biden’s senior medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, announced Monday that he intends to leave at the end of Biden’s tenure. 

Fauci told the Washington Post on Monday that he believes it would be appropriate for him to stand aside at the conclusion of the Biden presidency. 


Politico was the first to report Fauci’s intentions. 

Fauci stated to Politico that we are currently in a pattern. If someone says he should go after COVID is eradicated, he will be 105 years old. Fauci believes we will have to live with this. 

Fauci stated the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), where he serves as a head, had “the best personnel in the country” to realize his vision. 

He stated that the likelihood of additional assaults, if the Republicans get a majority in Congress, did not factor into his choice. 

When asked about the idea of resigning during an appearance last year, Fauci stated categorically that he would not quit in reaction to his critics. 

He stated the fact that many people believe in conspiracies, changing opinions, and flip-flopping is not a justification for stepping down. Not even close.

Since 1984, the Brooklyn-born immunologist served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), most prominently working on HIV/AIDS studies.

This was before becoming a top health power during the COVID-19 global epidemic, earning both plaudits and ridicule from the general populace and lawmakers. 

Fauci has counseled seven presidents on matters related to public health. His professional rapport with former President Trump was notoriously strained during the COVID-19 outbreak, as Fauci frequently had to refute the president’s erroneous allegations. 

According to Fauci, Trump and he built an “unusual relationship.” 

“Two individuals from New York, with differing beliefs and ideologies, but who both grew up in the same environs of this city. In this way, I believe that we are related,” he stated. 

It’s Always Been the Plan

After the Politico report was published, Fauci explained on CNN that he understood he could not remain in his job indefinitely. 

Fauci told CNN’s Kate Bolduan that he gave an interview with a journalist who said, “You know, you’re going to have to stand down at some point; you can’t stay in this job forever.”

Fauci said, “You’re absolutely correct, I can’t be in this job forever.” He does not foresee being in this position when President Biden’s first term concludes in January 2025. 

He said this was misinterpreted as a retirement announcement. He just stated it is quite unlikely, if not impossible, that he will be here beyond January 2025. 

Therefore, from now until January 2025, he will inevitably step down. 

Fauci informed Bolduan he still has the “energy and drive” to keep working on other initiatives and other career goals. He suggested after leaving his government position, he would not wish to stop working entirely.