Fauci Wants Americans to Give Up Their Freedom for the Vaccine

Without a doubt, Dr. Tony Fauci has no idea what he is doing regarding the coronavirus. Nothing he says seems to be working. Besides, his fear-mongering tactics have worsened the situation of Americans during the pandemic.

Worse of it all, after feeding former President Trump’s ears with wrong advice, he has continued to do the same with Joe Biden. Fauci delivered a lecture via live stream at McGill University last week, and he fielded some questions after.

One of the lecture attendees asked Fauci how to approach the value of individual freedom within the context of the global pandemic. Like clockwork, Fauci replied with an answer we expected. He said our freedoms should not matter.

Americans’ Freedom Shouldn’t Matter?

Before answering the simple question, Fauci first took his time to bash Fox News. He didn’t stop at Fox News; he extended the bashing to other media outlets leaning to the right.

Next, Fauci then went on to bash individual freedom and started saying taking the vaccine is each individual’s responsibility toward others.

He said being a member of society means having a responsibility to that society because of the benefits one derives from the society. He went on and on about how our FREEDOM should not matter and how we need to take the vaccine because of everyone else.

Furthermore, Fauci didn’t stop there. He also wants “trusted members” of society to help compel us to take the vaccine. He wants sports figures, celebrities, and clergymen to have us take the vaccine.

It Seems Fauci Wants to Cancel Christmas

Dr. Fauci had an interview with Margaret Brennan at CBS and she asked if it is safe for Americans to meet for Christmas later in the year. First, who asks such a silly question?

However, no surprises here; that’s Margaret Brennan for you. Fauci answered that although it is a possibility, it is still too soon to say if Christmas is canceled.

Fauci said the ‘numbers’ need to go down before thinking about Christmas. Why does Fauci think he is in any position to tell us if Christmas is canceled or not? Fauci went on to ramble about how the vaccine would help reduce infection numbers and stop severe cases of COVID.

Wait, hold up! Didn’t Fauci say light COVID or moderate COVID is unacceptable? Why is he now saying it’s okay if you’ve had the vaccine? It is clear this guy just wants everybody to get the vaccine.

What happens next doesn’t concern Fauci. It has become an unhealthy obsession at this point. Fauci needs to understand his fear-mongering tactics won’t work anymore…at least on the half of Americans that still have their senses.

He has misled the country so many times with his misinformation, lies, and inconsistencies. We get it; Fauci wants us to take the vaccine. Great! However, people that want the vaccine need to take it without anybody forcing them to.