Fauci’s NIH Department Tried To Waste $2M On Puppy Tests

If it becomes public knowledge the National Institutes of Health intends to spend over $2 million dollars on additional puppy trials, it is possible Dr. Anthony Fauci will feel the bite. 

An unproven treatment for hay fever was administered to mice, rats, and dogs, including puppies that were just six months old.

This was part of research conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

According to funding records salvaged by the White Coat Waste Project, signs of hay fever, also recognized as seasonal allergies, include sneezing and a runny nose. Hay fever is another name for seasonal allergies. 


In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Devin Murphy, the public stance and communications officer for the White Coat Waste Project, stated, “Fauci’s white coats at NIAID have compelled taxpayers to pay millions to debark and poison pups.”

He added they are contaminating beagles with ectoparasites and flies, and, currently, pointlessly treating pups inhumanely to test a new drug to treat a runny nose.

“The Food and Drug Administration has made it quite plain it does not mandate animal experimentation for human pharmaceuticals.”

“Even NIAID’s own contractor has acknowledged the dog experimentation demanded by Fauci’s agency is excessive because there are other animal models available.” 

At least five distinct experiments on dogs are anticipated to be carried out. One of which will most likely include the dogs being coerced into ingesting unproven medications for several months.

According to Inimmune, the contractor in charge of carrying out the testing, guinea pigs could be able to take the place of canines in one of the experiments. 


Inimmune also mentioned the possibility of acquiring “six-month-old pups,” which would then be subjected to allergens and used for testing.

In this scenario, the puppies would be used for research. 

Since the latter half of 2021, experiments conducted on animals by Fauci have become a topic of interest.

In October of that year, lawmakers demanded an explanation from President Biden and the NIAID regarding the alleged use of a new treatment on 44 puppies. 

Earlier, the White Coat Waste Project accused Fauci and the NIAID of using public funds to fund an “inefficient and brutal” test on beagle pups in laboratories located in Africa, Cali, Georgia, and Maryland.

The experiment was described as “wasteful” and “brutal.” 

The letter sent by legislators went on to ask a variety of questions, including how many drug trials have been conducted on pups since the outset of 2018 and the actual amount of tax dollars that are being spent on these experiments.

It also included questions asking the rationale behind using practices such as cordectomies, particularly given that they are “medically needless.”

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) did not provide a statement in response to a request from reporters.