FBI Drops Child Sex Abuse Cases For J6 Witch Hunt, Says Insider

Apparently, the FBI is diverting its agents from child sexual assault cases to January 6 investigations. A whistleblower at the FBI was informed child sex abuse data inquiries were no longer a concern and should be delegated to local law enforcement. 

Rep. Jim Jordan, the House Judiciary Committee’s senior member, addressed a memo to FBI head Christopher Wray on Monday. Jordan wanted to know why the FBI is reportedly diverting its focus away from sexual abuse of children investigations. 

This is not only a failure of the FBI’s duty to pursue breaches of federal laws, but also a terrible service to the children who are exposed to abuse and other acts.

Previous Letter

This letter arrives only weeks after Jordan issued another letter, citing sources who claimed FBI officials are pressing personnel to reclassify files as “violent domestic extremists.”

This comes even though the cases do not fit the requirements for such a designation.

The Monday letter also describes how the FBI allegedly violates its guidelines and misclassifies case files to create the impression that violent radical turmoil is quickly surfacing across the U.S. 

Jordan’s letter adds that cases are typically categorized and tagged by the source field office, with leads ‘cut’ to other task forces for specialized services in that geographic area.

However, incidents involving January 6 are handled differently. 

For the J6 inquiry, members of the Washington, D.C. task force pinpoint “potential subjects” and possible residences for these individuals.

The response team then distributes information packets containing instructions to begin complete inquiries to local field offices across the nation.

While, on paper, the local field offices appear to be in charge of the cases, the Washington Field Office is instructing field office special agents to simply “open the case” in their geographic area.

The Washington office is performing and approving all investigative work and paperwork for the case file. 

Political Tool

The whistleblower stated there are open, ongoing proceedings of January 6th subjects in which he is designated as the ‘Case Agent.’ He has not conducted any investigative work and his supervisor has apparently not authorized any material within the investigative files. 

The whistleblower stated the practice of manipulating case files generates inaccurate and misleading crime figures. 

Instead of hundreds of investigations coming from a single black swan event at the Capitol, FBI and DOJ officials cite substantial growth in domestic violent terror and extremism throughout the United States. 

The scheme, according to Jordan’s letter, enables anyone to continue supporting on paper their claim that “the FBI is a field-based enforcement agency and the large bulk of their investigations must continue to be conducted by field officers,” while investigating Washington. 

The letter asserts these allegations are consistent with information provided by other whistleblowers, namely that high-ranking FBI officials, are pressuring frontline agents to classify cases as domestic violence extremism issues in order to uphold a political record. 

If these claims are valid, the FBI has forsaken all standards and pretense of integrity by fabricating “domestic extremist” threats in order to accuse and persecute its political opponents. 

Especially when coupled with the FBI’s history of corruption, the bureau’s shift from law enforcement to Democrat Party muscle comes at the expense of the bureau’s integrity — and in this case, the kids of our nation.