FBI Targets Pro-Life Activists

As retaliation for their demonstration outside a Tennessee abortion clinic last year, federal officials apparently paid one pro-life activist’s residence a gun-drawn visit on Wednesday.

Others have been told to report to their local authorities to await federal prosecution.

Guns Drawn on Activists

A statement from liveaction.org claims FBI agents reportedly invaded Chet Gallagher’s home brandishing firearms.

In March 2021, officials arrived at the residence of Gallagher for organizing a group of protesters during a “rescue” demonstration outside the Carafem abortion clinic in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

The event was planned by Gallagher, who was outside the country at the time of the visit and wanted to stop ladies from aborting their unborn fetuses.

The neighbors of Gallagher claim federal agents began asking individuals for information about Gallagher’s whereabouts after finding he wasn’t at home. This is according to AJ Hurley, a pro-life activist who spoke to Live Action News.

Hurley claimed “the FBI isn’t even conducting the investigations. The DOJ is conducting its own inquiries and utilizing the FBI as a component of that agency.”

Hurley claimed typically when performing an investigation, and if they feel a person is guilty of a federal crime, the FBI obtains a warrant.

Hurley stated, “Rather, the DOJ is deploying local FBI branches armed with arrest warrants to be their heavy hand.”

Hurley added that federal officials are believed to have phoned other participants in the “rescue” operations, informing them they have arrest warrants and requesting they bring themselves in.

Hurley identified them as Paul Place, Dennis Green, Caroline Davis, Dr. Coleman Boyd, Heather Idoni, as well as other nameless people.

Activists Detained

These attendees from the previous year were apparently detained by the neighborhood police on that day for misdemeanor trespassing, but they were released shortly after posting bail.

Hurley claims pro-life advocates have lately been accused of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Act (FACE) and conspiracy, which carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

Hurley claimed he approached the very same abortion facility a few weeks prior to Wednesday’s FBI activity with other people. He stood outside before requesting to talk to the authorities inside the building.

Police apparently arrived and talked to Hurley and the other individuals instead. Hurley and the other attendees received civil FACE charges three days later.

“The DOJ has been thawing at pro-lifers with this new strategy to see if the accusations stick,” he stated.

The news follows another account of FBI agents searching a pro-life activist’s Pennsylvania house last month before taking him into custody.

On September 23, a team of 25 to 30 FBI officers conducted a raid at Mark Houck, a pro-life activist’s home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Houck is the founder of a nonprofit organization that offers sidewalk counseling at Philadelphia abortion clinics.

According to his family, the arrest appeared to be related to a legal matter that a federal court in Philadelphia dismissed, but the Department of Justice later reopened.This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.