Former Special Forces Agent Falsely Accused of Domestic Terrorism

Former Special Forces agent Mike Glover, the founder of the American Contingency organization, has been flagged for domestic terrorism by the FBI. This led to his family being harassed and kicked from several social media platforms.

In an interview following this ridiculous chain of events, Glover claimed he’d felt betrayed by the country he spent nearly 20 years protecting, only to be falsely accused of facilitating domestic terror.

FBI targets Special Forces veteran’s family over charges of domestic terrorism

Everyone from his mother to the rest of his family was targeted, and their businesses weren’t spared either.

Rep. Jim Jordan was the one to uncover this government conspiracy against Glover’s veteran-led emergency prevention endeavors. He confirmed that the former agent was targeted by the FBI.

Jordan added the agency associated American Contingency with acts of terror even though their own investigation turned up dry, further supporting the idea it was nothing short of a sad attempt at advancing the Left’s misleading agenda.

The reports come from an unnamed whistleblower within the agency itself. They show that the FBI investigated every detail about Glover’s life and work in the Special Forces, which only found him to be a decorated veteran who’d done everything in his power to protect this country.

United States of subversion and sabotage

During his interview with Tucker Carlson, Glover defended himself, assuring he’d done nothing wrong and he’s never broken any laws; yet he was targeted with malicious intent.

Thankfully, he had connections in the agency; it’s highly likely that one of his associates from the FBI had decided to do the right thing and uncover the plot that was unfolding.

However, this didn’t exactly come out of the blue. Glover previously had suspicions that he was being targeted, as several of his social media accounts have been suppressed or just outright banned with no good reason behind it.

It’s highly likely that Glover was yet another victim of the DOJ’s attempts at targeting persons spreading a political ideology that isn’t in line with what they’re pushing. Their tactics are dirty, to say the least.

We live in the United States where the government is allowed to target citizens with subversion and sabotage. It’s not something anyone would be happy to experience, especially if they’ve got two decades of service to said the country under their belt.

To no one’s surprise, the FBI denied any involvement in investigations of Glover or his work, adding they only focus on individuals who commit violence or criminal activity.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.