General Mark Milley Failed to Clarify His Anti-Trump Policies in Trump’s Era

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Jim Banks grilled the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, for not answering an April letter.

In this letter, he was asked to respond to the serious allegations against him. Both lawmakers wrote a letter to Milley this April and demanded clarification for his potential breach of the Constitution by politicizing the military against Donald Trump.

Republican Lawmakers Schooled the Top General

On Thursday, Banks and Grassley spoke about Milley’s attempt to violate the chain of hierarchy in the military and undermine the commander in chief’s authority.

Speaking in their respective congressional chambers, both lawmakers insisted the top general should come forward and answer the allegations against himself.

Banks noted that Milley committed the “most serious crime,” so he should set his “record straight if he is innocent.”

Likewise, Senator Grassley asserted that Milley trespassed on the president’s authority, which is a sheer violation of the Constitution of the United States.

Speaking to Fox News later Thursday, Banks noted that he would hold a press conference immediately if he is accused of violating his oath and lying to the president.

He further added that the highest ranking general is marred with serious allegations, which will only ripen with the passage of time.

Similarly, Senator Grassley asserted he would need to “look for answers elsewhere” if the general does not respond to the allegations against him.

While the lawmakers established that Milley is yet to answer the letter, Milley’s office claimed the letter misquoted him.

The communications director of Milley’s office, Colonel Dave Butler, noted Milley has already given numerous responses to the concerns of the lawmakers.

Butler added that Milley responded to the allegations in public, as well as in the classified sessions of Congress.

In addition to that, the communication director stated these types of inquiries are made to politicize the Armed Forces; so General Milley tries to avoid them.

Mark Milley Turned the Military Against Trump

The letter, which was written in April, mentioned Mark Milley’s statements in Bob Woodward and Rob Costa’s book, “Peril,” in which he described the last days of former President Trump.

According to Republicans, the statements in the book suggested that Milley is not an advocate of civilian control of the military.

It denounces the authority of the president as the commander in chief of the Armed Forces. They further wrote that these ambitions of the top General are against the “guiding principles of our democracy.”

Banks and Grassley asked Milley about his controversial statement in which he said Trump is in a state of “serious mental decline,” so he cannot order military action or the use of nuclear arsenals without some prerequisites.

The lawmakers also mentioned the wording of the book, according to which General Milley took “necessary precautions” to stop Trump from taking any military action before Biden’s inauguration.


Milley also asked senior leadership of the military to check with him before taking any action on Trump’s advice, the letter continued.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.