Giggles and Missteps as Harris Meets Wary Allies

Prior to Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Poland and Romania, her aides said she would use all of the power of the US government to keep the country safe from a Russian invasion.

Though a joke during a news conference made some wonder about the tone of the US reaction.

Harris traveled from Washington with a multi-part speech centered on reassuring Trans-Atlantic allies of America’s defense responsibilities, advisors say. A senior government official said Putin made a strategic mistake that would cost Russia a lot of money.

Ruling elites and financial institutions in Moscow have been hit by devastating sanctions from Western partners. Though Poland and Romania are NATO members, Ukraine is not, raising fears in Washington about possible Russian involvement.

Economic Consequences and Biochemical Weapons

When asked if the US would retaliate militarily, President Biden promised a “severe” response if a chemical assault occurred. Instead of sending soldiers to Ukraine, he has hit Russia’s economy.

It is said by US officials that Moscow’s claim that Washington and Kiev are building chemical weapons in Ukraine as a pretext for a chemical attack on Ukrainians.


President Biden said he would protect “every inch” of NATO territory, even though there was a disagreement about sending fighter planes to Ukraine.

On Friday in Bucharest, Harris warned America was not done responding to Russia’s activities.

Harris hugged and joked with US and Polish troops, one of whom was from California, the vice president’s home state.

A Polish troop claimed the visit was “very important” to them.

However, the vice president was criticized for a rushed response to a reporter’s inquiries about Poland’s immigration system.

As a clip of the vice president laughing with Duda went viral, former Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s press secretary Iuliia Mendel condemned Harris.

Iuliia Mendel removed her post, but told CNN, “for us as Ukrainians, it was a really painful experience to see this sort of reaction, laughing while the world watches millions flee.”

During the media briefing, Duda revealed he urged Harris to expedite refugee admissions for people with family in the US. More than 1.5 million Ukrainians have entered Poland, taxing its resources.

The vice president later met with refugees and made a $50 million donation to the UN World Food Program.

When there was a lot of sadness in the world, legislators were worried about how the conversation was going to be.

“This is a severe problem demanding action,” said Ukrainian-born Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana.

Russia’s Resilience

A threat from the West or a rise in penalties against Russia hasn’t made Russia back down.

During a conference call Thursday night, Florida Republican Rep. Mike Waltz called the administration’s rhetoric “horrendous.” 

When asked what the US answer would be to the deployment of chemical weapons, the White House press spokesperson said, “I don’t want to get into hypotheticals.”