GOP Sen. John Cornyn Slammed For Backing Gun Control

Gun control is widely opposed by Republicans and the conservative movement, in general. As it turns out, most right-wingers take issues with policies that infringe on lawful Americans’ liberties.

However, in the wake of various mass shootings, certain Republicans have signed onto various gun control restrictions. The most common restriction that’s managed to garner support from certain GOP lawmakers is red flag laws.

Republicans who oppose red flag laws argue they’re a constitutional violation, owing to the lack of due process involved in gun confiscations.

Meanwhile, GOP members like Sen. John Cornyn who threw their weight behind red flag laws and other gun control restrictions are landing in hot water, as documented by Fox News.

Texas GOP Boos Cornyn

At the Texas Republican Party’s state convention, Cornyn spoke, but was not well received by the audience. Texas GOP members wound up booing Cornyn for backing various gun control restrictions in Congress.

At one point, attendees of the convention even chanted “no gun control” at their state senator. Cornyn reacted by claiming he has as much passion as his fellow Texas Republicans for “the United States Constitution.”

Later, the Texas senator weighed in on the negative reception that he received from the Texas GOP at the party’s state convention.

Cornyn claimed to the press that he’s never bent the knee to mobs and isn’t about to begin now.

Heightened Emotions Surrounding Gun Control

Emotions surrounding gun control are heightened not just because of recent school shootings, but also due to other policies.

Gun control is largely being pushed by lawmakers who favor defunding the police. Yet, the combination of cracking down on access to guns, while simultaneously cracking down against access to law enforcement leaves everyday Americans in a bad spot.

This scenario will make it harder for people to defend themselves against threats. Likewise, if police are defunded, it means they will have less bandwidth to enforce the law and respond to emergency calls.

In communities like Washington state (where new gun control measures are set to begin on July 1), gun sales have surged as people aim to protect themselves.

As such, lawmakers like Cornyn who choose to back gun control in the current climate are perceived as threats to not just the Second Amendment, but also to individual safety and public safety at large.

Gun rights supporters have been clear they’ll continue to defend their rights to bear arms and oppose bills and lawmakers who seek to take these rights away.

What do you think about the negative reception that Sen. John Cornyn received for throwing his weight behind red flag laws and other gun control restrictions? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments field down below.


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