Gov. Kelly: Men Shouldn’t Compete in Women’s Sports

This Friday, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly made an effort to retract a statement she delivered in an advertisement for her reelection bid the day before.

She stated, “Of course, guys shouldn’t participate in girls’ sports.”

Gov. Kelly Backtracks

After taking heat from Republicans and LGBT activists, Kelly, a Democrat who twice rejected the state’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, sought to clarify her remarks.

Kelly informed the editorial board of the Kansas City Star she doesn’t think there’s a different way you can genuinely cope with this.

She insisted the advertisement was not expressly directed towards transgender student-athletes, instead referring to “a man beyond the age of 18” who wished to contest against females. The problem was not one of gender identification, but an issue of age.

A former University of Kentucky swimmer was vocally opposed to the NCAA enabling biologically male University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas to stay competitive in Division I women’s swimming.

This swimmer attended a campaign rally a few weeks ago with Kansas attorney general Derek Schmidt. This is Kelly’s rival in a close race for governor that the Cook Political Report regarded a “toss-up.”

Kelly informed the editorial board of the newspaper that she supported the NCAA’s resolution to permit University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas to stay competitive in Division I women’s swimming.

The governor has been steadfast in her opinion that Kansas kids need justice on the sports field and a safe environment to go to school, according to a representative for Kelly.

She continued by asserting Schmidt is running for office on “deeply divided national issues” that hardly ever have an impact on Kansas schools.

Republicans and LGBT groups both expressed outrage over Kelly’s commercial this week, accusing her of adopting a “worrisome” tone and lying about trying to safeguard equity in women’s sports.

Republican Governors Association spokeswoman Joanna Rodriguez has said Democratic candidate Laura Kelly and her candidacy are trying to go both ways by attempting to run a false television ad.

It claims Kelly wants to safeguard girls and women in sports, while completely failing to specify how she will do it after twice vetoing bills that might have done so.

Kelly is Disingenuous

Tom Witt, director of Equality Kansas, reportedly said the following:

“This attitude is worrying and conveys the message to trans kids in the country that they aren’t considered or are only cared about when it is politically beneficial for somebody.”

Witt continued by stating: “That phrase—guys going to play against girls—is far-right extremist jargon designed to conjure up images of large, hulking, hairy men brutalizing on five-year-olds enjoying kickball.”

“Of obviously, no one concurs with that because it is not the case. Transgender children are attending school and participating in class sports.”

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.