Governor Newsom Doesn’t Practice What He Preaches

Democrats are well known to preach something and practice another thing entirely. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has once again shown he is a hypocrite.

Despite having announced on October 1, 2021, that all school staff and students from age 12+ must be vaccinated before January 2022, his kids are not vaccinated.

Newsom himself also revealed his kids haven’t taken the shot yet. Still, only one of his kids is in the ‘criteria’ of getting the shot. His oldest daughter recently turned 12. Newsom’s excuse was she still had other vaccines to get first.

Meanwhile, the CDC said it is safe to take the COVID vaccine at the same time as other shots. Is there any other reason the governor is delaying his daughter from getting the vaccine now?

This is Not Newsom’s First Time

Newsom is very prone to making rules and decisions he or his family won’t follow, especially since the pandemic started. Sometime in the summer, a picture of the governor’s son and other children surfaced online, showing them playing basketball indoors without masks.

This happened after he mandated kids of 12 years and below wear masks at all times because they couldn’t take the vaccine. The governor faced a lot of criticism for this, and had to withdraw his son from the camp.

Worthy of note is the governor’s family members are not the only ‘offenders.’ Newsom himself also flouted his policies in the past, as he was seen having a nice dinner indoors with 11 others without a mask. Meanwhile, he had instructed the state of California to avoid large gatherings.

Newsom Signs Law for Gender-Neutral Toy Sections

Away from Governor Newsom’s hypocrisy, he has signed a new law mandating large retail stores to have gender-neutral toy sections. He said the law is to ensure kids can buy the toys they want without gender stereotypes.

The bill requires stores with at least 500 employees to have sections where there’s a combination of boys’ and girls’ toys. This means the new law will not impact small stores. Besides, the new law also says the toys must be displayed in this section, regardless of the gender it has been traditionally marketed to.

The law will go into effect by 2024. First-time violators of the law can get up to a $250 fine. Subsequent violations can also attract fines up to $500 each. The California state legislature suggests the law will stop kids from wrongly believing a toy is only appropriate for a specific gender.

Democrat Assemblyman Evan Low explained the new law would allow girls who find fire trucks, police cars, and dinosaurs fascinating to get them without shame. He also said the law would allow artistic boys to get glittering toys without any stigma.

Although some might see this as a good move for kids, stores should not be fined $500 for this. Businesses should decide how they want to display their goods.

The government should not have a say in this. Do you also agree with this new law? Are the kids better with stores having traditional pink and blue toy sections? We would like to know what you think about this.