Hawaii is Being Literally Invaded By Insane Chickens

Hawaii is a state most of us think of as a kind of paradise. It’s full of beaches, surfing, tropical fruits, and beautiful nature, but Hawaii is also dealing with a crisis right now.

It’s being attacked by large groups of insane feral chickens that are invading the capital of Honolulu and other islands in the state.

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Cock Attack

Hawaii has a lot of beautiful countryside; the 137 Hawaiian islands have many farms and rural areas, as well as wildlife. This includes wild chickens who roam the land.

The problem is some of these chickens have gotten loose, blown by hurricanes, and given treats by tourists. Some are even being bred for cockfighting by shady individuals.

They are starting to show up in the most unexpected places, including the downtown areas of Honolulu, with residents like Karin Lynn commenting it’s out of “control” and a “feral menace.”

Feral chickens with no discipline are pecking at anything and everything, wandering around the roads causing car accidents, rifling through garbage, eating people’s gardens, and crowing all night to stop residents from sleeping.

This crisis has been going on for awhile now, but it’s starting to get much worse and pop up in the most unexpected places.

Hawaiians Take Action

Due to the spreading menace of these wild hens and cocks, residents are taking action, chasing after the creatures and capturing them. They then set them loose further away from Honolulu.

City authorities have also tried to step in, spending $7,000 a month in public funds to try to peg the pesky creatures but catching only a few (67 to be precise).

Attempts to give the chickens food that sterilize them also failed; those who want to kill them have created an animal rights controversy.

It’s fair to say Hawaii’s invasion of the chickens isn’t going away anytime soon, but as the problem grows, the reality of the nuisance it’s causing becomes clear.

Dealing with these feral chickens and controlling their population boom is going to be a necessity for incoming Hawaii politicians, local governments, and municipalities.

Particularly in places like Honolulu, watch for pressure to grow for authorities to do something about this crisis.

Peck Off

Chickens are a special creature. They produce delicious eggs and meat, but feral chickens have become a menace in Hawaii.

It’s worth noting feral chickens can be delicious; many Hawaiians do eat them as part of a balanced diet. However, it is crucial to cook them very fully since they can have bacteria and diseases that domestic chickens don’t tend to have.

One way or another, Hawaii is going to have to face this feral chicken challenge: perhaps a statewide wing night and really huge luau beach barbecue is the best way to go.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.