Hawley to Draft “Parents’ Bill of Rights” to Fight Woke Bureaucrats

According to Fox News, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley will present legislation to protect parents’ rights in their children’s education.

Per a draft statement received by Fox News on the upcoming bill, Hawley stated America has long acknowledged parents’ right to guide their kids’ education. However, they are now witnessing a coordinated campaign by the left to block parents out.

Biden’s Justice Department is trying to label parents as “domestic terrorists.” Meanwhile, activist groups funded by dark money are seeking to silently integrate critical race theory into the education curriculum.

Schooling has gone by the wayside, due to leftist politics in many schools, and parents are starting to take notice. Hawley went on to say it’s time to return authority to parents, not woke bureaucrats, and enable them to usher in a new era of transparency in education.

Parents’ Involvement is the Solution, Not the Problem

A one-page bill summary explains the issue and proposes the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act as a remedy. According to the statement, parental rights, especially in education, are constantly at risk.

It references failed Virginia gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, who stated parents should not be dictating to schools what to teach.

It also highlighted a document from the Department of Justice, requesting the FBI look into disruptions of school board sessions, which came shortly after a notorious letter equating worried parents to violent extremists. 

According to the memo, American parents have been insulted, tormented, and disparaged across the country by bureaucrats and school boards who believe they know better.

The proposed legislation will outline eight rights parents should have regarding their children’s schooling. Moreover, it will allow parents to sue institutions that do not uphold these rights.

A history of such infractions in a certain jurisdiction will result in significant cutbacks of federal education funds under the law.

The Parents’ Bill of Rights

The bill states the following provisions: Parents have the right to know what their minor child is learning in schools, including the curriculum, books, and other teaching materials.

Parents have the right to know who is instructing their underage kids, including guest lecturers and other outside speakers. Individuals and organizations obtaining school contracts and financing have the right to information about them.

The right to visit the school during school hours and check on their young kids is also included. The right to inspect and copy all school documents, medical or otherwise, on their minor kids exists as well.

Likewise, parents have the right to be informed about the acquisition and transmission of data on their minor children. They can also demand accountability and openness in school boards. 

The COVID-19 epidemic reignited parental concerns over their children’s schooling. Parents were angry by what they perceived to be an excessively long wait regarding returning to in-person learning, as well as COVID-19 limitations.

Parents were given access to the sessions as their children learned through Zoom — and this access frequently disturbed them. Parents have spoken out at school boards around the country.

They denounced COVID-19 limits and other “equity” initiatives, like transgender rules or critical race theory – a paradigm that includes deconstructing components of society to uncover structural racism beneath the surface.

Explosive school board sessions in Virginia’s Fairfax and Loudoun counties drew national notice. One Arizona school board president allegedly had accessibility to a Google Drive containing sensitive private data on parents who have spoken out at school panel meetings.

Now, that’s an invasion of privacy.