Hotels Are Now Cutting Off Assistance to the Homeless

During the pandemic, all sorts of concessions were made to help folks steer clear of hard times or assist those who were already struggling.

In some cases, this involved eviction moratoriums that allowed people to remain in property owners’ residences, even without paying. Of course, this didn’t do any favors for property owners who still had their own bills to pay.

Then, certain cities even moved to put homeless individuals in various hotels. This was done with the professed goal of safety and avoiding the unnecessary spread of the virus.

However, as the world gradually returns to normal, many homeless people who enjoyed their time in hotels are landing back into their pre-pandemic living statuses, as reported by ABC News.

New Spikes in Homelessness Across the United States?

In cities like Denver, New Orleans, and Anchorage, pandemic-driven hotel initiatives are shutting down, therefore leaving folks without homes on their own. This is leading to many of these folks setting up tents outside in various cities.

Hotels maintain that the programs designed to help the homeless were never intended to be permanent measures. While some of the homeless are back on the streets, others are going into shelters or otherwise seeking out other living arrangements.

The National Alliance to End Homelessness has weighed in on the newfound issues homeless individuals are facing as these programs come to an end.

The organization maintains that for homeless people to temporarily enjoy the stability of a roof over their heads, only to later have it ripped away, is very damaging.

It was also suggested that what homeless individuals face today is an indictment of inaction from the federal government.

Major Implications For America

Many of the communities in which homeless people are having to leave hotels are major cities. Already, in states like Oregon and California, the nation’s gotten a firsthand look at the issues mass homelessness can bring to the forefront of society.

In communities with high homelessness rates and tent encampments, many businesses have shut down, citing a lack of comfort working in these environments. Many individuals likewise make the choice to move away from these areas for their own safety.

Even during the pandemic, putting up homeless individuals in hotels was never going to solve the underlying cause of homelessness. Now, time will tell what happens in communities that are most impacted by these pandemic hotel programs coming to an end.

Did you know that many major cities were putting homeless individuals in hotels to help prevent the spread of the virus? Do you believe this was a good idea?

Let us know in the comments area what you think the long-term ramifications of these programs (and their ends) will be.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.


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