House Minority Leader Slams Biden’s Last Stand For Democrats

On Wednesday, Joe Biden gave a speech that wasn’t initially planned, begging Americans to elect Democrats. The president claimed democracy is on the ballot during this midterms season.

Biden painted a vote for Democrats as the assurance that America’s soul still stands. He repeatedly demonized Republicans without taking any responsibility for how his own party contributes to problems in America.

The entire speech was deeply charged and divisive, not at all in line with Biden’s previous promises to be a unifier in this country. Now, the speech is getting pushback from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, per Breitbart News.

The Latest From McCarthy on Biden’s Speech

Taking to social media, the House Minority Leader pointed out many issues with the claims from the president. Firstly, McCarthy said Biden won’t deal with the problems that Americans are most concerned about.

In pointing this out, the House Republican also said his party will win the midterms in a matter of days and then go on to address Americans’ concerns.

Furthermore, McCarthy pointed out that Biden is now trying to divide Americans because he can’t face policy issues that he’s messed up.

Like the House Minority Leader, other Republicans pointed out that Biden is blaming Republicans for the country’s issues as Democrats control the federal government.

Biden’s speech did not once dive into true solutions for the economy, gas prices, crime, foreign policy, or other complications facing the nation. Instead, the president’s remarks relied on fearmongering and demonizing his political opposition.

Game Over

Despite Biden’s best efforts, many Americans are sick of what he and his party have been pulling in office since last January. Americans are also wise enough to know what will happen if Democrats hold onto the House and Senate.

For one thing, they’ll continue to approve more and more spending, thereby driving up inflation. There will be no real focus from a Democrat-led Congress on lowering crime, reducing gas prices, or securing the US-Mexico border, either.

However, a Republican-led Congress will tackle these issues. GOP members controlling Congress will also be a necessary checks-and-balances on the White House, rather than Biden simply being able to get nearly anything he wants passed through the House and Senate.

Ironically, the points Biden made in his speech that refused to address problems Americans face are all the more reason why Democrats cannot be allowed to maintain power in Congress.

The partisan power monopoly that Biden enjoyed for so long is about to be broken in less than one week.

What do you think of Republicans’ response to the speech Joe Biden gave on Wednesday? Let us know in the comments area if you think a GOP-led Congress will be good for the United States.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.