Houston Crime Stoppers: Cannot Read Murder Victim Names Due to Overwhelming Numbers

In Houston on Sunday, Crime Stoppers will hold its yearly “Day of Remembrance” as violent crimes consistently wrack American cities.

This event will bring together activists for crime victims and the family and friends of homicide victims. Though this year’s event will be distinct from past ones.

Shocking Homicide Statistics

A sizable crowd is anticipated to assemble in Houston’s Midtown district to pay respects to people who were killed in Harris County between August 2021 and August 2022, according to authorities with Crime Stoppers of Houston.

In contrast to previous years, when coordinators would read forth the identities of each murder victim, this year, their names will roll over a screen. The number of names is truly staggering, according to the planners.

According to Andy Kahan, director of victims services for Crime Stoppers, about three or four years ago, they insisted on reading off the names and ages of the murder victims for the year. He claims it would take hours this year.

Staggering Amounts of Child Murders

As 2022 arrived, there were numerous child murders in Houston and the surrounding area. Many people were accidentally shot to death, including Arlene Alvarez, who was slain while traveling in her family’s vehicle to get supper.

She passed away after a man opened fire on their car, assuming it was the robbery victim from earlier at the ATM. Other murders appeared to be related to incidences of road rage.

In response to calls to “stop funding the cops,” Harris County has experienced an increase in violent crime, similar to many other communities.

According to him, a number of problems, such as the case backlog and the liberation of illicit defendants on bond, are to blame for the crime issue. Such cases have been monitored by Crime Stoppers Houston for a number of years.

In the death of one person, a boxing professional, Devan Jordan, 22, was accused of capital murder.

Jordan missed a prior court date, did not show up in court on the day of the murder to have an electronic monitoring device attached, and was never located by law police.

He is accused of killing another guy in neighboring Galveston County two weeks after the murder. He was detained and subsequently connected to Sandoval’s demise.

McIngvale informed Fox News Digital, “I would like my kids to be able to walk my grandkids down the road at night without being spooked that someone is going to perpetuate a drive-by shooting.”

“Every area in Houston, whether it is low-end, middle-end, or high-end, ought to be safe. Every one of us is authorized to a safe space.”

Ensuring Houston and Harris County are safe communities in the state of Texas is something we should make a priority.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.