Huge Breakthrough in the Seth Rich Case

Seth Rich was a bright and patriotic young man who worked for the Democrat Party as a staffer.

He was tragically murdered in 2016. According to official reports, it was a “botched robbery,” but suspicion has surrounded his murder ever since then.

Now, the case is opening back up, thanks to the success of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding the murder of Rich.

How Much Does the FBI Know That They’re Not Saying?

In the past few months, we’ve watched in disbelief as the FBI becomes politicized by the Biden regime.

It’s been used to raid the home of President Trump under vague charges and also recently to harass a Christian father who defended his family against assault outside an abortion clinic.

The FBI looks more and more like it’s becoming the brownshirt squad of the regime. Their look coming out of the Rich case is not good at all, either.

For one thing, they directly lied, claiming FOIA hadn’t turned up any documents or matters relating to Rich. The truth? There were 1,596 documents pertaining to the Rich case.

Once that came out, the FBI begrudgingly admitted it, but released only 127 of the pages. The other thousands of pages were related to “national security” and not able to be given out for reasons of confidentiality.

Though wait, I thought Rich’s murder was only a botched robbery on a DC street corner, with nothing involving his work as a DNC staffer?

The FBI Lied, As Usual

So first, the FBI said it had no documents or materials. That was a lie. Then, they admitted they did, but said they couldn’t release most of it because it could cause “grave damage” to US national security.

The court is recognizing the second matter. It won’t force the FBI to turn over the national security-related material.

However, all FBI knowledge about Seth Rich’s laptop and what’s on the laptop is being ordered to be released by the court. The court says the FBI hasn’t proven why the laptop must be withheld.

This is almost definitely going to be repealed, but what did Rich potentially have on the laptop that the FBI is concerned about people knowing?

Furthermore, if this was nothing but a tragically botched robbery, then why is there so much secrecy over what’s going on?

There’s a Twist

Let’s hope information continues to be revealed about what is going on here. This story and the tragic death of Rich are not yet resolved or fully understood; the public deserves answers.

However, there is a point of significant concern here. If the FBI lied about how much they know about Rich and matters surrounding it, why would we trust them not to delete the contents of the laptop?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.