Hunter Biden Threatens Key Individuals To Save Laptop Scandal Data For Lawsuit

Politico reports that letters were delivered to the following individuals:

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon, ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello, and Brian Della Rocca, the lawyer representing the laptop servicing shop owner of where Hunter Biden’s computer was sent in 2019.

As per Mother Jones, Roger Stone, an erstwhile political advisor to former President Trump, and Guo Wengui, an exiled Chinese tycoon, both got a letter. Although it is unknown who else it was addressed to.

Details of the Letter

Attorney for Hunter Biden, Abbe Lowell, wrote in two of the letters that the aforementioned persons made a variety of assertions and engaged in some activities that worry their client.

It added the letter should be considered notice that a lawsuit would be put into place. Therefore, they should retain and preserve any records or documents relevant to Biden.

In the event of litigation, it is possible that producing this material will be required; however, it does not specify which sort of lawsuit this refers to.

The activities of Hunter Biden, the middle child of President Biden, both in his personal and professional life, have been the target of criticism from the Republican Party.

According to a story in New York Magazine, the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop turned into a politically contentious, perplexing issue only 20 days before the election in 2020.

Hunter Biden is also advocating for a criminal investigation to be opened into the involvement of Trump allies in the data hack.

A request for an inquiry into persons who may have broken federal and state laws for spreading material found on Biden’s laptop was included in a letter. This letter was submitted to the Justice Department and the attorney general of Delaware.

No Fear

Ted Goodman, an adviser to Rudy Giuliani, spoke to Politico about the court action and suggested Abbe Lowell should concentrate on the facts, rather than engaging in idle chatter with reporters or leaking information to the media.

Goodman said the evidence does not support Lowell’s allegations. He went on to say it was another attempt by Lowell to frighten and stifle Giuliani and Costello, but it was unsuccessful.

Costello mirrored the sentiment expressed by Goodman. Costello told Insider that the court action hold notice was nothing but an empty threat designed to deter witness testimony from speaking that truth.

He added that Biden’s counsel is acting out of sheer panic because they see Judgment Day is rolling for the Bidens.

The request for comment to Bannon’s attorney, David Schoen, was not responded to. An attorney for Stone, Bruce S. Rogow, as well as lawyers Rocca and Lowell, who represented Wengui, also did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.