Hunter Biden’s Shady Laptop Busted Biden’s Innocence

"Joe Biden" by Ancho.

Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop is still providing more information about his wrongdoings and Joe Biden’s potential attachment to his son’s business dealings.

The calendar on the laptop reveals that Hunter met with Joe Biden many times right after his overseas business trips to inform his father about his financial dealings.

Biden Helped His Son’s Business Intentionally

Reportedly, Hunter met with his father more than 30 times either at the White House or at the vice president’s residence.

Most of these visits were only days after Hunter’s international business trips, which invalidates Biden’s claim that he does not know anything about his son’s business dealings.

Interestingly, Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter Biden’s company, Rosemont Seneca Partners, was also invited to 21 such meetings.

According to the calendar on Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop, he met with the Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast, Daniel Kablan Duncan, in April 2016, in Washington D.C.

Just 45 minutes after this meeting, Hunter met with his father at the vice president’s residence at Naval Observatory.

Similarly, Hunter met with Russian billionaires in Moscow in 2012. Just after four days since his return to the United States, he met with then-Vice President Biden once again at the Naval Observatory, the calendar shows.

In addition to that, Hunter Biden likewise met with the Romanian ambassador to the United States in 2015 before flying to the same country.

When he returned three days later, he had breakfast with Biden at the vice president’s residence. After this trip, Hunter helped Romanian billionaire Gabriel Popoviciu in avoiding jail time.

Hunter’s Shady Business Dealings Come to the Spotlight

As per the newly available leaked data, Hunter and his business partners wanted to do business with a Brazilian construction company, OAS, which was making some deals in Colombia.

Schwerin noted that “we’ll all be rich” if Hunter’s companies sealed the deal with OAS.

According to one leaked email, OAS wanted to give Hunter’s company $25,000 a month, but the other emails show Hunter’s company could get a one percent “success fee” on a billion-dollar project.

A few months later, Hunter went to Colombia and met with the former president of the country, Andrew Pastrana, and the country’s minister for mines and energy.

Likewise, he also met with the counselor to the Colombian president on the same day, according to the calendar.

One leaked email, which Hunter sent to Pastrana, suggests he asked the Colombian politician to meet him in Washington to discuss a business opportunity regarding OAS.

Hunter also wrote he was “checking on [his] dad’s schedule” to finalize the timings of the meeting.

In March 2012, Joe Biden met with Pastrana, where Schwerin was also part of the meeting. The same day, Hunter met with Pastrana at Café Milano, a restaurant where Biden previously met with Hunter’s business associates.

All of the Colombia infrastructures were built successfully, but it still remains unknown whether OAS won the projects and if Hunter Biden bagged his “success,” bonus or not.

Later on, OAS landed itself in trouble for offering bribes for public contracts.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.