Hypocrite ‘Squad’ Spends $100K on Private Security, Despite Wanting to Defund Police

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other members of her progressive ‘squad’ spent up to $100,000 on private security in the third quarter. AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush, and Ilhan Omar were members of this group who wanted to defund the police heavily.

Yet, they are spending so much on private security. This group of women championed the mantra to defund the police in a bid to curb police violence. They aim to reduce police spending while allocating these funds to other community services.

Breaking Down Their Private Security Expenses

It is very hypocritical for this group of congresswomen to spend so much on private security while wanting to defund the police. It seems they do not care about the safety and protection of everyday Americans, as defunding the police will lead to more crimes in our communities.

The squad definitely knows how important security is since they spend $100,000 to protect themselves. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent more than $10,000 on private security with Tullis World Wide Protection, Three Bridges NY LLC, and Cest Bond Collective.

Ayanna Pressley also spent $4,000 on personal security with Ware Security Consultants Inc. According to FEC records, Ilhan Omar spent $22,000 on personal security with Lloyd Security Services and Aegis Logistics LLC.

On the other hand, Cori Bush spent the highest amount by incurring a $65,000 private security bill in the third quarter.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time the ‘squad’ spent so much on private security after clamoring for police to be defunded. Last year, Cori Bush was in the news for spending $70,000 on personal security after asking for police to be defunded.

Her FEC filings showed she paid $15,000 to Nathaniel Davis and $54,120.92 to RS&T Security Consulting for security services between April 15 and June 28. Bush was heavily criticized for the hypocrisy, but she defended her actions.

Bush said she would ensure she had enough security, as there were attempts on her life. Bush added she wouldn’t let the attempts on her life stop the work she needs to do. In addition, the congresswoman noted many people need help, and she’ll spend $200,000 on security if she has to.

Hypocrisy at Its Peak

Just as we mentioned earlier, these far-left congresswomen know the importance of security. This is why they could hire private police with campaign funds. Citizens do not have the luxury of getting funds to hire private security. They rely on the police force to protect their lives and properties.

In light of this, defunding the police would lead to police becoming less competent and effective. The blowback of this is crime in our cities will increase and citizens will become less safe.

For us to take the ‘squad’ seriously, they need to stop spending so much money on private security since they think police are getting too much funding.