Hypocritical Kamala Harris Has Fresh Takes on Travel Restrictions

President Joe Biden showed himself to be a complete hypocrite on the matter of COVID-related travel restrictions on Friday. He did this by authorizing yet another one of the many restrictions he has issued since taking office.

However, this one relates to the omicron strain of the Wuhan coronavirus, which has lately been observed overseas. All of the countries listed are located on the African continent.

Simply put, if this had been a Trump travel prohibition, Biden would have parroted out the race card with spontaneity. Biden did this when Trump instated the China travel limitations in January 2020, as the US learned more about COVID-19.

Biden Reverses His Stance

We were also informed a year and a half earlier by Biden that a wall would not halt the coronavirus. It was after Trump revealed restrictions on travel from certain regions of Europe to the United States (beginning in March 2020) that Biden began the assault.

Biden has reversed his stance since taking the oath of office. Not unexpectedly, Vice President Kamala Harris told journalists recently that the travel restrictions were essential.

Harris said then when asked if she thought there would be additional travel restrictions imposed in addition to the ones declared Friday.

Harris informed reporters she received a briefing. As the president stated, the White House will take every step, which is why they have taken current initiatives.

Harris emphasized the importance of getting booster shots and the first or second dosages of COVID-19 immunization for Americans. Harris stated that she will always say what she says because it is true. 

It was also a very different message for Harris to croon, given her remark in February 2020 about how Trump’s travel restrictions were supposedly “un-American” and “obviously motivated by hate, not protection.”

When asked if there would be any extra travel restrictions, Harris paused for a moment before saying they’d take it one step at a time; for the time being, they’ve executed what they think is necessary.


Playing Politics Instead of Being Concerned About Americans

Unlike Trump, Biden and Harris started playing toxic political games with both the viral disease and the vaccine in 2020 to enhance their possibility of beating him. 

First, they implied the vaccine may not have been safe to take because it was advanced during Trump’s presidency. In addition, they chose to accuse Trump of being a racist for doing the same things they are now doing with travel restrictions.

Leading up to the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans should not be afraid to remind the voting public of Biden and Harris’ double standards on these issues. 

The American people need to be told regularly that very unintellectual people are at the helm; they are making serious decisions that have major consequences for people’s lives.