Hypocritical Pelosi Goes Maskless as California Kids are Mandated to Mask

Children in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home state of California are mandated to put on masks at school. However, Pelosi is taking hits after she was seen without a mask at a fancy wedding with a big gathering of people.

Following the San Francisco City Hall ceremony (where attendees were required to present proof of vaccination), the festivities proceeded at the Getty Mansion.

Speaker Pelosi performed the wedding ceremony. Governor Gavin Newsom of California and Mayor London Breed of San Francisco were also attending the ceremony.

Reason editor Liz Wolfe posted that Breed, Newsom, and Pelosi were all present at this highly posh billionaire heiress wedding. They were also mingling with the maskless hordes.

They Don’t Care

After seeing a photo of Pelosi at the party, the handle “Reopen California Schools” tweeted it out, wondering why the attendees could go maskless.

In several parts of California, notably the San Francisco Bay Area, children must wear masks at all times, including during recess. School dances across the state have been canceled as a result.

Earlier this year, San Francisco waived indoor mask restrictions for religious events if everybody present had been vaccinated. However, this was limited to groups of less than 100 individuals.

According to the city’s guidelines, people in these situations can only discard their face masks if the supervisor or host of the event can regulate entrance to the location and confirm everybody in the area received a vaccination.

The guidelines clarify, among other things, the supervisor or host must check that there have been no recent COVID-19 occurrences. In addition, kids under the age of 12 and guests are not there.

However, a group of at least 60 individuals could be seen in the photo that featured Pelosi, indicating the wedding had at least 60 attendees in all. More than 100 seats can be seen in other photographs from the event published by Vogue.

When asked whether any limitations were violated, the San Francisco State Health Department refused to provide any information.

Those in Power are Indifferent

Irrespective of the legality, Jonathan Zachreson, director of Reopen California Schools, told Fox News Online that Pelosi’s decision to celebrate maskless is shameful. 

Zachreson stated caregivers have hit a boiling point and are simply fed up with it all. According to him, seeing Pelosi and other wealthy people’s complete contempt for the rule of law, as well as their indifference to the plight of our children, was both defeating and irritating.

According to Zachreson, school parties have been halted in the San Francisco Bay Area; youngsters in the area are being urged to retain their masks during bites while eating their meals.

In his remarks, Zachreson pointed out officials keep enforcing these regulations and all individuals in power are not adhering to them. Yet, they are forcing them on those who may not have a say and are the most vulnerable – children.