Identity Politics Will Ruin Democrats

In Loudoun, Virginia, during summer 2020, a movement began. A parents’ conscious movement was tilted towards forcing the school board in Loudoun to reopen schools.

The basis of this movement was rooted in false information claiming the school district was systematically racist. The reason for parents’ response at the time was because of antecedent reports that have emerged in times past. 

The voice of the parents’ movement, the counter-responses of the Equity Collaborative, and the Anti-racist Parents of Loudoun County led to another movement.  

This particular movement aimed to remove members of the school board in Loudoun. The pile-up of these issues led many residents of Virginia to volunteer to append their signatures for the court of law to dissolve offices of some school board members. 

Ironically, as the fall of 2020 beckoned, these underlying issues became the major social upheaval in all of Loudoun County. 

How the Leadership of Virginia Stepped on the Hornet’s Nest

In a Virginia gubernatorial debate, Democrat Terry McAuliffe opined it was wrong for parents to tell the school what to teach.

In corroboration with this stance, the school board sent a memo to the Department of Justice to unleash terror on parents who came to the school board’s meetings.

Quite surprising to many Virginia residents was the Department of Justice acting upon the memo of the school board and sending in a response memo that copied the office of Attorney General Merrick Garland.

This approach to the feelings and rights of parents in Loudoun got a lot of them triggered and they all wanted change. 

What Exactly are Parents in Loudoun Holding onto?

On the 22nd of June, 2021, a parent was at the school board’s meeting because he had a grievance about his daughter being violated. Sadly, he was arrested for being in that meeting.

When he tried to state his case, the school board denied his child was possibly sexually harassed within the school’s vicinity. The assailant, in that case, was transferred to another school where he committed the same offense.

Only this time around, it could no longer be swept under the carpet. By the time former Governor Terry McAuliffe weighed in on the situation, he said most parents in Loudoun were conspiracy theorists.

McAuliffe had the aid of his media team; soon enough, it wasn’t hard to give Americans across numerous communities an impression that further irked parents in Virginia. 


Fast forward to the recently concluded gubernatorial race in Virginia, Glenn Youngkin had a landslide victory.

His victory was not because he was trying to be friends with the affluent in society. Youngkin won because he was able to appeal to the wailings of the people. It’s no surprise residents of Virginia voted for the Republican candidate. 

Will Democrats continue with this same outplay of politics by Terry McAuliffe? If they do, it is most likely 2022 will be worse than the losses Democrats recorded this year.