Independents Are Saying Republicans Need to Do Better

The voter bloc of Independents doesn’t always get as much attention as Republicans and Democrats; however, it’s not a demographic that should be overlooked.

Amid growing numbers of Independents, they have the power to determine the results of different elections. This will matter big time in November when Americans head to the polls to determine who should win the midterms.

In various polls, Independents tend to be more aligned with Republicans than they are with Democrats. However, this isn’t an automatic sign that Independents will be voting with the GOP in November.

For instance, a recent survey showed Independents believe Republicans need to do better in getting their votes, per Washington Examiner.

A Clear Message From Independents

According to data from Trafalgar Group, only 33.9% of Independents agree Republicans have made the case as to why they should support them. By contrast, 56.1% of Independent voters claim the GOP has fallen short in regards to making this case.

The Convention of States had some choice words about this as well. The organization’s president, Mark Meckler, claimed Republicans aren’t going to be able to win over Independent voters simply by being against Joe Biden.

Meckler also pointed out that with all the catastrophes associated with Biden’s leadership, GOP members at the national level should be able to take advantage of a clear opening here.

However, the Convention of States president made it clear that a lack of strategy, leadership, and communication is hurting Republicans.

With the midterm elections being virtually 1.5 months away, it remains to be seen whether or not Republicans are able to turn things around and get Independent voters on their side when it matters most.

The Clock is Ticking

The GOP will ultimately have the best outcome in the midterms if they’re able to secure as many votes as possible. Getting Independents on board would largely tip the scale in favor of Republicans, especially in various toss-up races, such as those in the Senate.

As it stands today, Democrats are doing all they can to essentially frighten Americans out of voting for Republicans in the midterms. This is why the left continues to paint a bleak picture that it claims will come if the GOP gets back control of Congress.

At the end of the day, Independents have been clear that either party merely being opposed to “the other side” just isn’t good enough.

The GOP can help bridge this gap by proactively appealing to Independents and explaining why Republican leadership is better for people (and the nation itself) than Democratic leadership.

Are you surprised about this new poll showing Republicans still have work to do when it comes to winning over Independent voters? Let us know in the comments area if you believe the GOP will pull this off.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.