IRS Whistleblower Alleges Preferential Treatment in Hunter Biden Investigation

The allegations made by an anonymous whistleblower of the Biden administration purposefully mishandling the inquiry into Hunter Biden have been met with intense backlash on Twitter, among prominent Republicans.

Mark D. Lytle, the attorney, submitted a letter on behalf of his client, an IRS criminal supervisory agent, requesting protection under the law as a whistleblower.

Lytle testified that his client provided Congress with legally protected information contradicting the sworn testimony of a high-ranking political appointee.

With the help of legal counsel, he asked the relevant congressional committees to help him legally share this information with lawmakers.


The news spread quickly across social media, with many commenters speculating on the potential political ramifications of Hunter’s relationship with his father and whether or not the mainstream media would report on the story.

Former Homeland Security Under-director Michael D. Brown urged all government employees with such information to come forward and be granted complete legal protection; whereas radio host Mark Simone voiced anger that the story wasn’t being reported by mainstream news.

Several Republican lawmakers also demanded more digging into the ties between Hunter Biden, the Biden administration, and questionable dealings.

Representative Darrell Issa tweeted that the coverup of Joe Biden’s family misconduct had been going on for years.

Republican Representative James Comer charged the administration led by Joe Biden with hindering justice by prohibiting efforts to bring charges against Hunter Biden for tax violations.

No Charges

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was stunned by the accusations. He lauded the whistleblower. He also believes the time has come for a special counsel and hopes more witnesses will come forward to help expose the truth.

Suspicious international transactions involving Hunter Biden were first reported in 2018 and a grand jury investigation was reported in 2020. No criminal charges are pending against him.

Lytle added his client claims protocol was influenced by politics and favoritism, as evidenced by the “clear conflicts of interest” with the investigation team assigned to Hunter Biden.