It All Boils Down to Illegal Immigrants

After Donald Trump started his historic ascension to become the president of the USA, one subject distinguished him from every other prominent national figure: immigration.

Erstwhile President Trump recognized Americans’ growing worry as hordes of unlawful immigrants continue to flood our country year in and year out, with no signs of stopping. 

Dangers of Unlawful Immigration

The economic consequences of unauthorized mass migration are purposefully vague.

Is the value of mostly unskilled labor sufficient to compensate for the drugs, criminality, and drain on social welfare programs associated with illegal immigration?

Are Americans being forced out of work? Are the jobs performed by illegal immigrants genuinely jobs that “Americans will not do,” as is frequently asserted? 

In 1990, with the US basking in the sunshine of Reaganomics and Cold War victory, these problems seemed unimportant. However, they are far more pressing now. 

Manufacturing employment in the United States has decreased by 5.1 million jobs since 1990, from 17.7 million to 12.6 million.

Simultaneously, the population has increased from 248 million to 332 million, including a significant proportion of legal and illegal immigrants. 

How many unauthorized immigrants are there?

Nobody knows for certain, but independent experts indicate the figure could be significantly higher than government estimates, with as many as 29 million unlawful immigrants at any particular time. 

Whatever economic cost is incurred is negligible, compared to the human cost of an open border. Mexican drug gangs smuggle large quantities of morphine, heroin, meth, cocaine, and cannabis into the United States over the southern border. 

Human trafficking is another chronic and developing issue. Our criminal justice, legal, and social service systems face incalculable costs.

The harm is done to our community and families, as well as the personal cost of wasted lives due to addiction, is devastating and should frighten everyone. 

Title 42

Faced with a lawless border rife with crime, pumping lethal poison into our kids, and manipulating millions of immigrants for the benefit of drug organizations, the Biden administration decided to intervene to repeal Trump’s Title 42 policy.

This is the same policy that allowed him to forcibly remove more than half of the inbound migrants at the frontier since March 2020. 


This is hardly the behavior of a serious country. We must reintroduce a border strategy that prioritizes the safety of our residents and neighbors. 

Through checkpoints, walls, and deportations, we should aim to establish a zero-illegal-immigrant policy quickly. Criminal syndicates must be destroyed on both sides of the divide by concentrating domestic law enforcement resources within our jurisdiction.

Furthermore, we must vigorously organize our fearsome intelligence operatives with allied foreign powers that require assistance in dismantling long-entrenched criminal empires. 

A well-managed temporary non-immigrant foreign worker visa scheme, geared specifically for seasonal firms, might be of benefit in thwarting unlawful immigrants from filling American positions unnecessarily.

Congress, on the other hand, must enact legislation to modernize and reform those institutions. 

To survive the unknown future, we must re-establish ourselves as a prosperous and free nation at home, completely secure on our soil, and with a healthy, developing society.

The pioneer spirit that built this country from coast to coast sustained us through war and depression. It fortified our determination against the threat of worldwide communism and must be resurrected. 

Protecting our borders is the very first step toward reviving our country. It cannot occur quickly enough.