Italy Elects Conservative Populist Giorgia Meloni in Landslide Vote

The liberal global media is currently going haywire. Whereas this time, it’s not over January 6 or Donald Trump; it’s over Italy. Yes, you read that correctly. So, why Italy?

Well, the reason is the European nation just elected a conservative populist by the name of Giorgia Meloni. Her Brothers of Italy political coalition nabbed huge support across the country, gaining 44% according to exit polls.

European leftists and centrists began melting down Monday. Publications such as Politico and The Atlantic shamelessly and falsely smeared Meloni as a “fascist” and tried to use blood libel by comparing her to former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

Why Do Liberals Hate Meloni So Much?

The reason Meloni stirred up such a hornet’s nest of liberal hate is simple: she’s not one of them. She’s a religious conservative woman who wants to put Italy first and restore family values.

This is like toxic poison to European bureaucrats and their leftist allies around the world, including in the United States.

France’s Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne reacted to Meloni’s win by saying the European Union (EU) is concerned. It will be paying a lot of attention to make sure Meloni “respects” certain “human rights,” such as the right to abortion.

Are you getting this yet? Meloni is pro-life, puts Italy first, and wants to stand up to globalism. That’s why they hate her.

The liberal media and war-criminal-run propaganda outlets like The Atlantic are calling her a fascist for wanting to protect unborn babies, secure Italy’s border, and stand up for the Christian history of Italy.

EU Leaders Threaten Meloni For Her ‘Populism’

Fellow EU leader, Spain’s head of foreign affairs Jose Albares said Meloni’s populism will definitely end in “catastrophe.” Meanwhile, people like EU Commission head Ursula von Der Leyen have made it clear the “values” of the EU trump Meloni’s beliefs.

The World Economic Forum, numerous global think tanks, financial institutions, corporations, world leaders, and United Nations are very upset about populism. Populism is essentially just caring about the citizens of a country and what they need.

Why are these powerful people so angry about it?

They’re angry because populism, from Brazil and its leader Jair Bolsonaro to Hungary to India to Canada, challenges managerial globalism and its dead-eyed vision for humanity.

They’re angry because Meloni cares about being Italian, about her religion, about her borders, and about her people, the people they want to erase and turn into interchangeable economic slaves for their disgusting post-COVID world order.

‘A New Europe’

As the conservative party Vox said in Spain, this is the start of a “new Europe” that cares about freedom and values.

It’s the opposite of fascism; it’s a strong political vision and policies that will help the people, instead of the politicians.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.