Biden Could be Investigated by FBI Over Dealings with Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is under investigation by the FBI and the IRS over tax fraud. His foreign business transactions are also being examined with a possibility of money laundering charges.

The president previously claimed he does not know about his son’s foreign transaction dealings. However, according to emails obtained by the Daily Mail, there are doubts over the president’s claims.

The Daily Mail got a hold of emails from a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a laptop repair shop. These emails show Hunter’s business partner, Erik Schwerin, discussing Joe and Hunter paying each other’s bills. It also showed Schwerin was working on the president’s tax returns.

Besides, the report from Daily Mail explains how Joe Biden could find himself in the crosshairs of the FBI because of the details of the emails.

Schwerin’s Deals with Joe Biden

During Biden’s time as the vice president of the United States, he was in personal communication with Hunter’s associate, Erik Schwerin. The emails revealed many details about Schwerin’s relationship with Joe.

This relationship also included the former working on the latter’s tax returns. In addition, Schwerin was also fielding requests for a book deal for Joe Biden.

Furthermore, Mr. Schwerin also managed the donation of the president’s Senate papers to the University of Delaware. The relationship between these two gentlemen leaves room for many questions, as Schwerin should not have had such a personal role in Biden’s affairs at the time.

Furthermore, an email shared between Hunter Biden and Schwerin in June 2010 shows Schwerin regularly moved money between Joe and his son’s accounts. Hunter also claimed he shared a bank account with his father. With this revelation, we are unsure if the joint account was used to fund Hunter’s week-long romp with a prostitute in 2018.

Should the President be Investigated?

The emails and transactions between Joe, Hunter, and Schwerin date back to 2010. While there’s nothing concrete yet about the dealings, experts suggest the president could be under investigation because of these emails.

An ex-federal prosecutor with expertise in criminal tax law and money laundering told Daily Mail the president could be probed, if there’s a flow of money between him and his son. However, the prosecutor was quick to add it wouldn’t be easy for investigators to sit with the president on the issue.

A report was issued last year by the Senate Security Committee, stating there’s a worry  the Chinese government is trying to influence the White House through a billion-dollar transaction with Hunter Biden and Schwerin’s company, Rosemont Seneca.

The report led to a probe of Hunter’s foreign business transactions and relationships. In light of these, John Cassara, an expert in money laundering investigations, said Biden has only been able to avoid probes because he is the president. He further explained the potential corruption case is a cause of worry.

If Biden were to be probed, the president would have to explain why Hunter’s company received favors from the White House when he was in office as VP. An example of these favors is Rosement Seneca’s clients and associates getting tickets to exclusive White House events.