Joe Biden Retracts His Steps, Teases Next Tyrannical Move

As a result of Biden’s surprising confession the COVID-19 epidemic can’t be fixed at the national level, the president’s humiliation has grown.

Biden was never going to end federal tyranny on his own. Despite his desire to openly criticize states as the number of incidents increases, he remains the same old, far-left character.

The president tried to clarify his remarks on Tuesday, which went about as expected. Then, he hinted at his next oppressive federal maneuver.

Domestic Travel

If his medical team approves it, President Biden will require Americans to immunize against COVID-19 before traveling domestically.

When asked when he would decide on domestic travel vaccination restrictions, while walking in Rehoboth Beach, Del., Biden said he would wait for a medical team’s opinion.

This came from the very same man who just said government measures weren’t the answer. After significant pressure from the left in recent days, Biden looks to be reversing course.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, through The Post Millennial, noted this change over the weekend.

A vaccination requirement for boarding aircraft is merely another step in enticing people to be vaccinated. Fauci continued by saying you can’t fly without being vaccinated is another way to meet the criteria.

So, he implies, anything to increase vaccination rates is reasonable. That is effectively stating the silent bit aloud, isn’t it?

Fauci didn’t even try to back up his vaccination demand for internal travel with any science. Instead, he admits it’s about thoughtless compulsion, not to stop the infection from spreading, but another way to control the masses.

Biden refers to Fauci as his “medical team” leader in making this choice.

Biden Not Doing His Job

This is entirely unjustified.

Omicron has already spread to all 50 states and continues to do so at a rapid pace, with the number of cases in the United States reaching a record high on Tuesday.

Limiting domestic travel to just the vaccinated is not only unlawful, but will do little to stop the virus’ spread. Besides, as has been repeatedly demonstrated, airlines are highly safe, due to regular air filtering.

Instead of leading, Biden is again on holiday in Delaware, outsourcing to unelected officials the job he was entrusted to perform.

What good is a president if this is how things work? We should ignore the billions spent on elections and the political disputes and succumb to our new masters, led by the revered Dr. Fauci.

If Biden had any leadership skills, he’d have rejected this ludicrous notion, no matter what his “medical team” said. Instead, he’s happy to be president without actually being president. 

As if placing a senile old guy in the position of president, who has never led anything in his life, didn’t have enough consequences. Senators are primarily do-nothings; Biden was the leading do-nothing for decades, suckling at the public teat.

Let us hope that at least some of those who campaigned for Biden have learned their lesson. Partisan politics is a powerful drug.